2013 In Retrospect ~ Breakdowns & Awards

Well my dear Gentle Reader, another year comes to an end. 2013 seems to have been a mixed bag for many, but mine was pretty darn good. I cut back on travel, and tried for a better work/life balance, as they say. This is the end of my third year as a full time author and I still love it, although self-motivating, dahlings! Sometimes I had a little Lady Linette ordering my day.

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What Happened in Gail’s Life in 2013?

1 Creative Breakdown
2 Book Launches (in one year, hopefully never again)
3 Book Releases (Etiquette & Espionage ~ hardcover & paperback, Curtsies & Conspiracies, Soulless Vol. 3)
1 New Office
2 Short Story Releases (Fairy Debt in ebook form, The Curious Case of the Werewolf that Wasn’t, The Mummy that Was, and the Cat in the Jar in an anthology)
3 Opportunities to Read (for me! Part of the balance thing. Yes!)
1 New Website
2 Trips Abroad (France & Canada)
3 SF/F Conventions (1 large, 2 Small)
1 Kickstarter
2 Steampunk Events
3 Other venues (Library, Bookstore, Reddit)
1 Music Video
2 Polite Rants (Cafe & Twitter)
3 Never Before Eaten Meats (Bone Marrow, Sweetbread, traditional Andouillette sausage ~ meh, yum, and never again)
1 Major Award
2 Never Before Eaten Sea Critters (Whelks & Winkles ~ anytime I get the chance)

And a very stroppy tuxedo cat!

Here’s wishing you a lovely New Years full of delicious food and fizzy drinks and I’ll see you again soon in 2014.

P.S. Speaking of tasty things, Tentacle & Treacle has a new recipe up: scones and clotted cream.


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

Personal Airships 2000 (as predicted in 1900)

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

One of my holiday gifts, fan earrings made of shell

Your Tisane of Smart . . .
Postcards Show the Year 2000 (circa 1900) ~ really fun and very steampunk.

Your Writerly Tinctures . . . 
Short and Sweet: Selling Books in 140 Characters

Book News:
Feeling Fictional says of E&E, “I love the creativity of the story, everything from the finishing school and Sophronia’s crazy antics to the amusing chapter headings (little gems like “Never hurl garlic mash at a man with a crossbow”) has been well thought through and just adds to the atmosphere.”

Quote of the Day:
“There is nothing so difficult to marry as a large nose.”
~ Oscar Wilde


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  1. Casey Sharpe said:

    If you feel like being a complete savage, try thinking of bone marrow as meat butter. And better yet, if you have a marrowbone and you're in a bar, try shooting a shot of whiskey out of it. If it's cut lengthwise, use it as a funnel, if width wise, leave marrow at the bottom to make a shot glass. Apparently it's a thing.

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