Did You Know Amazon Will Email You About Your Favorite Author’s New Releases? (Important for Writers)

OK, if you did, you are one up on me, Gentle Reader, because I had no idea until very recently.

So long as said author has an Amazon Author page there’s an option called + Follow. If you Follow the author, Amazon will email new release information on that author.

Gail Carriger Follow Amazon

There you have it, never miss a new release again.

I’m doing a post about this for Amazon because I use a Kindle so, as a reader, that is the format I was interested in. If you have insight into how to do this for any of the other market shares, please feel free to leave the information in a comment bellow for posterity.

Book News:
Like Emily’s narration of the Parasol Protectorate books? She’s also doing Lev A.C. Rosen’s All Men of Genius. You can read my interview with Lev from 2012 when his book first came out.

Quote of the Day:
From the Parasol Protectorate FB discussion group:

“The day a werewolf wears a toupee is the day I know true happiness.”

~ Rebecca Nandi


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  1. Tess said:

    I've been very happy receiving Goodreads' newsletter for monthly new releases with the option box for previously read authors included. It's made my reading life much happier. There's also an option to have an individual email sent when a book on your to be read shelf is available. I highly recommend it.

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