When I’m Not Writing by Gail Carriger: The Truth About Authors Between Books (Important for Writers)

When I’m not writing…

  • My brain is resting, so that it can puzzle through character motivations, stylish yet deadly accessories, or possible new steampunk technology for my next scene.
  • I’m researching for historical accuracy, so I can decide whether to break it in my next book.
  • I’m listening to podcasts for information and inspiration pertaining to writing, or the business of being a writer.

  • I’m cooking, grocery shopping, running errands, doing laundry, training the cat, all those things that everyone else does in their spare time, so that I am healthy and sane, so I can write regularly.
  • I’m blogging here, so you know I’m accountable to my readers, so you continue to stay faithful and read what I write.
  • I’m flipping through feedly for interesting things to post or tweet, I’m also reading up on how to better manage self employment to I can continue to afford the life of a writer.
  • I’m answering calling cards, queries about my world, homework questions from my readers so they continue to read my books.

  • I’m updating my website, so all my information is more accessible, so when someone asks me the same question for the hundredth time I can point them at the website and save hours in the long run to focus on writing.
  • I’m emailing with foriegn translators, editors, conventions, bloggers, bookstores so that everything goes smoothly on the launch of the next book for you, the reader.
  • I’m working on a writing schedule and consulting my calender, so I can decide on travel to meet you, who read what I write.
  • I’m processing my budget, determining taxes, figuring out insurance, and fighting with credit card companies, so I an afford to live as a writer.

  • I’m off at the library, or the shooting range, or up in a balloon, some other oddball place having fun but also doing hands-on research, so I can write more accurate descriptions.
  • I’m reading someone else’s book, because I want to, and because maybe I can recommend it to my readers because I can, at best, only bring out one or two books a year and you need more than that.
  • I’m stretching or exercising, so my body doesn’t fall apart, so I can stand at a computer for hours, or sit at a desk for days doing copy edits, so I make my deadlines without pain, so the book comes out on time.


And yeah, you know what?

  • Occasionally, I am watching TV that has nothing to do with writing.
  • Sometimes, I am watching TV, reading blogs, and chatting on Twitter because I need a break from the world of writing for a short time, so I can take a breather, build up momentum, and get back to it.
  • Once a day, I’m drinking tea with a cat on my lap and thinking about outfits for my next event, because my brain hurts.
  • And sometimes I’m sleeping.

You see, Gentle Reader, sometimes, I’m not writing. And that too is necessary, and right, and good, and important.

Crazy talk.

I leave you with one final thought ~

It could always be worse.

I have one name for you:
George R. R. Martin

You don’t have to take my word for it: Real Writers Plan Days Off


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Book News:
I have a short piece in Journey Planet (on pg. 53) answering the question: What Is Your First WorldCon Memory?

Quote of the Day:

“I distrust any advice that contains the words ‘ought’ or ‘should’.”

~ Tamora Pierce

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  1. Electrobat said:

    I do hope that this is not the result of some sort of "you are not writing fast enough for me" harassment! You should never have to justify yourself! I met you at a convention a few years ago, and you are very engaging and thoughtful toward your readers.

    I know this seems like a bit of white-knighting, but I can usually judge a person's temperament well. And I find you so very nice that I really do not like the idea of someone being rude toward you.

    I also must admit that your final thought caused me to choke on my tea. 😉

  2. Gail Carriger said:

    Fortunately I have many fewer of those than some of my author friends. And the few I get do mean well, and think they are being funny. And enthusiasm is always good right? But I do feel a little needled, sometimes. I appreciate your writing this, and I do try to be kind to anyone who reads my books. But, I admit, I did kind of write this post so I could direct the needlers somewhere.
    I should like to hope that 90% of the time I treat others as I would like to be treated. And I try to remember what it was like when I was a young reader meeting an author I loved, or a new writer asking for advice. (Of course, the other 10% of the time I'm hungry and impossible.)
    Thanks again,

  3. Rachel Bowman said:

    Hi Gail,
    It sounds like you've got a great system going for yourself, I'm glad you manage to find time for yourself with a cat and cup of tea (that's always my favourite time of the day, though my little girl gets difficult if I don't get her her saucer of lactose free milk first)
    I just have one quick question:
    BookDepository.com is currently claiming that Waistcoats and Weaponry is due for release November 4 this year (http://www.bookdepository.com/Waistcoats-Weaponry-Gail-Carriger/9781907411618)
    Can you tell me if this is accurate or just a very safe estimate until a release date is actually organised?
    Thankyou for your time 🙂

  4. Rachel Bowman said:

    Thank you for clearing that up. It's generally a pretty good site, but I couldn't find anything that confirmed or challenged it anywhere else.

  5. Gail Carriger said:

    Yesh, nothing goes live onto my site until it is confirmed. Because if I even mention a date people don't read the rest of the sentence and just assume that's the date. Then if it changes later, they get mad at me.

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