Dear Lord Akeldama ~ Hugs & Other Disastrous Informality

Everyone’s favorite is in the house this evening, please welcome, with the polite clapping of gloved hands and the raised glass of most excellent plonk…

Lord Akeldama!

Yellowblackhaze asks: I would appreciate an answer to that eternal question posed above: exactly how many parasols does it take to beat a werewolf?

My dear you ask this of me? I am not a great wielder of parasols. According to my dear friend, Alexia, the answer is simple: One: so long as it is silver tipped and wielded with aplomb.

1780s  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Darcy Maris asks: Dear Lord of Nicknames Which Mostly Have Something to do with Sugar a.k.a. Lord Akeldama, if you like sparkling men, what do you think of the sparkling vampire Edward Cullen?

He who sparkles in daylight, sparkles in vein (and in vain) so far as we more traditional vampires are concerned. Oh yes vain/vein puns are all the rage with the more stylish bloodsuckers, my dearest crystalized ginger button.

Lady Star asks: What is your favorite book or favorite reading material (besides fashion gazettes and celebrity gossip).

Is there any other kind of reading material? Oh deary me, I am too droll. I must admit to a fascination with modern medical science, particularly the a circulatory system, Byronic style poetry for light entertainment around the dinner table, and the occasional Gothic romance. I believe in food source psychology, I know, you didn’t think I had access to such big juicy words, now did you cream puff?

via the FB

Mark asks: Who do you wish would play you in a film?

How about that young Hiddleston bean? Now there’s a refined drink of . . . blood.

Ashura_oh asks: May I hug you? I’ll be careful not disarrange anything about your perfect outfit.

Are you from the West Coast of the former colonies, by any chance? Awfully huggy in that part of the world, don’t you find? I blame the clement weather. In the end, my dearest squishy love bun, I am a resident of London-ton. We. Do. Not. Hug.

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Screen cap from the film Maurice

“I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.”

~ Oscar Wilde

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