Waistcoats & Weaponry Release Date Announced! Finishing School

Waistcoats & Weaponry has a semi official most likely accurate release date of Nov. 4, 2014.

Those who follow me on Twitter saw the announcement last Friday after I got back from NY and already had a few questions.

Any cover pic yet?

When do the arcs go out?
In general, in publishing these days, are rarely printed ARCs after the first two books. There may be net galleys but you have to talk to LBYR about that.

Meanwhile, I have finished the rough draft of  M&M, finally. No time to rest on laurels, much too much else going on.

She’s gonna need tea… lots of tea.


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Book News:
Moore Memorial Public Library says of Etiquette & Espionage: “Carriger always impresses me with her witty dialogue, and she can write a simple phrase that just has me rolling with laughter. This a very fun read, and I highly recommend it.”

Quote of the Day:

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