Gail’s Travel Essentials: Shopping List for the Author on the Go

You know, Gentle Reader, how much I travel, and how into the efficiency of it I am, right? I might even be called obsessed. I was recently on Amazon, investing in yet more travel essentials, and I decided to concoct a list. And then, I thought, well if I’m making a list I might as well give you, Gentle Reader, a glimpse at it. You don’t have to be a traveling author, this works for anyone who travels and then has a presentation, or meetings, or whatever.

Always & Forever

I Can’t Believe How Often I Use It



Hotel & Red-Eyes

That’s all for now my dear, safe travels!

Book News:
Girl Lost in a Book says of Soulless,

“Alexia Tarabotti is a kick-ass heroine. It is impossible not to like her and her character…No wonder this author has won awards.”

Quote of the Day:

“And as to the book-critics whom you condemn, they do more for the circulation of books than any other class, especially if they denounce and caricature, for then human nature will see the book at any price. After I had published my book on ‘The Philosophy of Civilization.’ it was so badgered by the critics and called so many hard names that my publishers could not print it fast enough to meet the demands of the curious.”
Around the Tea Table, by T. De Witt Talmage (1875)
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  1. Michael J. Martinez said:

    A very worthy list indeed, including a few I hadn't considered! I would also add Starbucks VIA (or other high-quality instant coffee) for the caffeine-addicted. I'm traveling at the moment, and it's been a great way to face the morning prior to going downstairs for breakfast.

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