Gail Carriger Talks About Her Love For Stand Alone Novels (Miss Carriger Recommends)

I have a terrible confession to make, Gentle Reader, particularly coming from me.

What Would Gail read Reading Title

I have mentioned before the occasional disconnect between my professional life as a writer, and my much longer much less professional life as a reader. Yes, of course, the two are tied, but as some of my readers point out, what I read is often entirely different from what I write. So here I my confession:

I love stand alone novels.

No I really do. In this age of series, for which I entirely participate as a writer, I am always on the hunt for a good stand alone, as a reader. A good genre stand alone that fits my trope preferences. It can be in world, that is I don’t mind if there are surrounding series or stories ~ so long as this one is packaged neatly and has a full arc. If I am satisfied at the end and no compelled to find the “next” book, that’s when I think of it as a stand alone. I was lucky enough to recently have this expereicne with Clockwork Heart by Dru Pagliassotti, also it was the first Steampunk novel I’ve read in  a long time.

Did you know I originally wrote Soulless as a stand alone?

I still think you can read it that way if you want. I wasn’t certain what kind of publishing house it might sell to, and I wanted to keep my options open. When Orbit bought it and wanted a series, I did a rewrite adding in threads and loose ends to tie to Changeless. I’ve never had the opportunity to meet and ask, but I’ve always privately suspected that Elizabeth Vaughan had the same thing happen with Warprize.

By the Sword ~ Mercedes Lackey
The Hero and the Crown ~ Robin McKinley
The Raven Ring ~ Patricia C. Wrede
Daughter of the Lion ~ Jennifer Roberson
The Silvered ~ Tanya Huff
Larissa ~ Emily Davenport
Taming the Forest King ~ Caludia J. Edwards
Restoree ~ Anne McCaffrey
The Blue Sword ~ Robin McKinley
Crown Duel ~ Sherwood Smith (two novellas stuck together but I think of it as a single entity)
The Serpent’s Tooth ~ Diana L. Paxton
Lord of Two Lands ~ Judith Tarr
Sorcerer’s Legacy ~ Janny Wurts

I think my love may be a time commitment thing. I like sitting down knowing there is a firm end in sight. I appreciate the skill and tidiness of wrapping up a story in one book. Occasionally people ask me what’s my favorite characteristic in another person, I always say efficiency. I guess I like it in my books too.


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  1. Lorna said:

    May I suggest 'The Wood Wife' by Terri Windling and 'Territory' by Emma Bull? Great stand alone novels, although Wood Wife is an older book.

  2. Emily Devenport said:

    Hey, thanks for including LARISSA, Gail. I'm hoping to re-release it in ebook sometime within the next year or so. And I'm delighted to be in such illustrious company.

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