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It was brought home to me recently, Gentle Reader, that I have been remiss.

The thing is (and there’s always a thing) I reach out to you in all these different internet venues in all these different ways all the time. So from my end it feels to me like I ‘m making everything known to the best of my abilities. And yet, it doesn’t always work. I realized that’s because I have specific methods of interaction that I know, but are a mystery to everyone else.

So I am going to break it down for you…

Do you want to know about my new releases, kickstarter projects, events, and short stories?
Then you probably want to join the Newsletter or follow my Official Facebook Author Page.
I use these venues specifically to relay only professional information. The Newsletter comes only once a month, so if you want things in a super timely manner than the Author Page on FB is for you. These two communication venues are for people who appreciate sparseness and abhor clutter. They are static, as in, you won’t get much interaction from me, although I do try to make certain I check for questions regularly.

Do you want to know everything that interests me all the time, including fun images, quotes from my books, reviews and so forth as it happens?
Then you may want to follow me on Twitter or my personal Facebook Page. (Sadly I have maxed out my number of friends.) This is a lot of content that can be overwhelming to some people, and it moves quickly so you can miss stuff. The difference between the two is that my interactions over Twitter are faster and more consistent than on Facebook. Twitter is my mobile social media of choice, if you @gailcarriger on Twitter I will respond to you quickly. On Faebook things can go for days without my noticing, or disappear into the feed.

Do you want to contact me over a business matter? Invite me to a convention? Ask a long question? 
Please use the calling card feature on my website. Here on the blog works OK, but again my response time can be days (because I don’t post every day). Facebook is the worst venue for conducting business of any kind (no easy way to track interactions) and if you use that, I’ll send a form letter directing to use my contact page.

Do you want to stalk me (in a nice way, of course)?
Twitter is probably best. It’s most likely to be real time me objecting to the world of airports and delayed flights, chatting about my current convention and stuff like that.

Do you want to be inspired by imagery?  
Then follow my Tumblr. It’s lots of reblogs of pictures I like from paintings of period attire to fantasy future landscapes to custard recipes to steampunk and the occasional self image or photo of my office and my teatimes, and some of Lilliput. I love playing on Tumblr but it’s just that, play time.

Do you simply want to talk about my books (and other people’s) with fellow enthusiasts? 
Then The Parasol Protectorate Facebook discussion group is best.

Are you interested in what I read and my book reviews? 
Then Goodreads is your spot. It shadows this blog and I do respond to messages and comments, but again it’s slower than in other venues. However, I keep a reliable record of books I love there both genre and non-fiction and everything in between.

Do you want to see pictures of me at events with readers and fellow authors?
Then follow my Flickr. I use it mainly for candids. The most recent 20 of which will appear on my website in the gallery section. My use of Flickr is entirely static, I don’t follow back and I don’t interact with anyone there.

Do you only care about the clothes I wear and the fashion that inspires me and my books?
I have a blog for that, Retro Rack. I post about what I wear to events, what people would have worn to events in the past, how to buy a corset, and soon there will be one all about the dress silhouettes in my three different series. Things like that.

Do you want cliff notes of everything?
That’s what this blog is for. It may not be the best for your specific needs but it’s kind of my catch all. I try to post here 3 times a week, and it is kept as up to date as possible with regards to events and releases. That said often others will break news first on Twitter since so many insiders in the Publishing Industry hang out there.

So there you have it, kind of overwhelming. But hopefully this gives you an idea of what you can expect from me in the different venues. I want to make it easy for you, so that I’m there when  you need me on the platform you find easiest. That said I think it unlikely I will be on any other platforms. This really is a lot to keep track of!


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