Crudrat Audiobook Available Now! (Tinkered Stars)

Gentle Reader, I am delighted to report that the Crudrat audiobook is done! Coincidentally June is audiobook month.

For those of you unaware of the Crudrat kickstarter: it was for a full cast audio production of my YA Science Fiction novel, Crudrat. You can buy it directly for $14.99, on the Crudrat website.

So the weekend before last, while every author I know was off doing some convention or another (this is my first time in a decade with that particular long weekend free), and Amazon and Hachette duke it out, I experienced the results of a kickstarter for the first time.

I’ve been listening and enjoying it immensely, despite the fact that usually I can’t stand listening to my own work. Perhaps this is because because Dan and I are friends, so he knows my actual voice, which means the narration doesn’t bother me like it does with other readers. Or perhaps it is the amazing soundtrack. Or perhaps it is the fantastic voice acting.

Voice talent at the Crudrat wrap party, image from Linda Levy

You don’t have to take my word for it. One of the first reviews is up! 

If you backed at the $25 level or higher you should have already received an email with a link and password to download. If not, apply to Dan to rectify the situation.

The Crudrat Audiobook is now available for purchase at crudrat.com.

Questions Answered

1. I’m not a backer, how can I get the audiobook? 
You can buy it from the site right now.
But I’m married to X alternative platform (Audible, etc…)
Over the course of the summer, Crudrat will start showing up in online retail channels as both a download and on CD. I’m sorry we can’t be more precise on this date, but we’ve put it into a pending line with other self-pub items and then it takes as long as it takes for that venue to drop it. I promise to let you know when I do, and if you could keep your eye on your favorite source as well? Frankly, my best spy in this kind of information war is you, Gentle Reader.

2. Can I buy a CD of the audiobook? 
Yes. But, again, if you don’t want to use the site it may take a while.

3. How big/long is it?
Crudrat clocks in at a little over 400mb for the download (128kbps 44.1khz mp3), and runs just over 7hrs, and is available in 18 chapter-long files.

4. Can I buy the book? 
Nope. Crudrat was printed as a limited run, numbered, special edition, signed, hard cover book. This was available only to those who backed the Kickstarter at that level. It is not for sale to the general public. However you can always stalk ebay or whatever, it may show up there.*

* Gail from the future says: this has changed as of 2022!

via Linda Levy March on  FB Self and my audio producer J.Daniel Sawyer, at the Crudrat wrap party

5. But, I want to READ it, precious! I wants it now! Please?
The Kickstarter was only for audio. Artistic Whispers only purchased limited audio rights for production. Print rights were not on the table, so the limited print run really was a special exemption.* I still own print rights. Currently, I’ve no plans to produce this book in print for purchase.

* Gail from the future says: this has changed as of 2022!

6. But, but, but *lip wobble* WHY NOT?
So far as I know, no publishers are interested in Crudrat and I cannot spare the time from my crazy deadline schedule to format, ready, and POD this property myself. It is too much work to get it up to my standards. Nor am I entirely certain I want to. Apart from everything else, then readers will start winching on about wanting me to write the sequel. Right now, if you don’t like audiobooks, I suggest you make very good friends with someone who backed at the right level. Alternatively, you could persuade a reputable publisher that they want to produce the book. Heh heh. *

* Gail from the future says: this has changed as of 2022!

7. Speaking of which, when do we get a sequel?
I don’t know. Someday? I really would love to write it, which makes the pleading hurt all the more keenly but frankly, contract gigs must take priority right now. I’m a working writer which means I write for my living, which means when I am under contract that has to be the thing I work on first. This was, from the beginning, a passion project. And like all such projects must sit the back burner until I can carve out time. I am trying to pull back a bit. Once the final two Finishing School books have launched and the first Custard Protocol, and the second one written I am going to try to pull back. I’d like to do only one book a year for a little while. I’m hoping that will free me up do do some self publishing, more short stories, and a even some at-whimsy for fun novel writing. But this is still publishing and publishing moves slowly so I for-see myself having the time to write a sequel in about three years, whether I still have the inclination is up in the air. That’s the for fun part of this equation.

And goodness with the world going the way it is, who know that the publishing industry will look like in three whole years.

Gail from the future: *insert maniacal laughter here*

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