Coop de Book Group Launches with Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach! (Miss Carriger Recommends)

Well, there was gratifyingly enthusiastic interest in a book group. I am charmed, for I secretly adored the idea, and was afraid you might not be interested. I’m so excited, in fact, that I have already selected the books for each month for the rest of 2014!

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What Will We Read?

Fiction. A range of stuff from space opera to paranormal to steampunk to romance, adult and YA. I’ll be going for both new (within the last few years) and foundation (books with which I formed my own preferences as a reader and wish to reread and share). My taste leans toward female authors, stroppy female main characters, and romantic elements. If those aren’t for you, then you might not enjoy participating in the group. (But, really, why are you reading this blog if you don’t like such things?)

Also, most of the books I choose are likely to hit up on Tropes I Love.

  • Girl disguises herself as a boy in order to infiltrate a patriarchal environment
  • Solo or rare female fighter/shape shifter/magician excels against adversity
  • Displaced heroine outside of her own culture must survive confusion
  • Against all odds, heroine must manipulate politics in order to build/save her world
  • Excelled nobility must keep her integrity in adversity

They are also all likely to be commercial fiction. (As a rule I am not a big fan of literary works.)

So, if all that still sits well with you, Gentle Reader?

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How Will It Work?

10 Commandments

  1. I will announce the book as close to the beginning of each month as I can. It will also appear below at the bottom of the text of every post for that month in {}
  2. I will try to choose books available in all English Language Territories. If you can acquire the book legally, as an author, I kindly ask that you do so. (I will also try to announce next month’s book early so you can pre-order.)
  3. While I adore seeing enthusiasm for a book you love, I am not open to suggestions. (This is for the same reason I don’t cover blurb: burned by the awkwardness of having to hide what I really thought to protect a friend’s feelings.)
  4. I’ll post my review at the end of the month. This may include spoilers, as can the comments, so if you aren’t finished, don’t read the post.
  5. Sometimes, I will read more in the series that month. If so, reviews of following books may be included, but will be spoiler free.
  6. My reviews tend to be positive. Please keep your comments the same, or at least polite. There’s enough negativity out there already for my taste.
  7. You may comment here or tweet/FB me at any time with your thoughts as you read the book, but no spoilers until the review is live.
  8. I’ll mostly be reading digitally, so page numbers mean nothing to me.
  9.  If you have a lot to say, particularly if the book touched on an area of your expertise, I may haunt the discussion thread hit you up for a fun guest blog, or a quote.
  10. If possible, I will reach out to interview the author.

Participation is entirely voluntary!

n Goodreads there is a Gail Carriger Fan Group moderated by the lovely Skye. Since most of my interface with Goodreads is passive, that is a great place for book group discussions to occur without my interference.

Members of the Parasol Protectorate: We Have Book Group

Thus it is the we launch a new era of natter and fun. Let the reading commence!


June’s book is:

Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach

July’s book will be:
Blood & Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause
(What ever you do, don’t watch the movie.)

{What is Gail’s Book Group reading for June? Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach ~ Book One in the Paradox series}


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

2013 Genlux

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Wall Buttons by Arbutus+Denman

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Exploding Chair by Simone Micheli

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  

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Waistcoats & Weaponry ~ The Finishing School Book the Third. November 4, 2014. Cover art to come.
Prudence ~ Custard Protocol Book the First:   Print pass (3rd edit) now, release date March 17, 2015. Not yet available for pre-order.
Manners & Mutiny ~ The Finishing School Book the Last.   Finished rough draft, cutting and trimming begins in July. Not yet available for pre-order.


The Books! 

The Finishing School Series: 1 Etiquette & Espionage, 2 Curtsies & Conspiracies

 The Custard Protocol Series: 1 Prudence (Coming March 17, 2015)


The Parasol Protectorate Series: 1 Soulless, 2 Changeless, 3 Blameless, 4 Heartless, 5 Timeless
Parasol Protectorate Series manga graphic novels
 $0.99 short stories (ebook only) Marine Biology, My Sister’s Song, & Fairy Debt

Book News:


Quote of the Day:

Water-Cure Journal, March 1855


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  1. Corina Corrente said:

    Started it yesterday and I have to say this is the most exciting thing I've read since The Mercy Thompson Series! Probably finishing it tonight 🙂

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