Steampunk Book Suggestions – notes from a convention

Hello my dear Gentle Reader! I’m back. OK so you didn’t even notice I was gone.

But I did pay a short visit to a local convention, Convolution, this last Saturday. It was pretty low key with an excellent greenroom and good company. I didn’t stay for the parties. I did get to meet GOH Tanya Huff. She is marvelous. It was my third time meeting her. (She doesn’t remember me ~ see it happens to me too!) Anyway, managed to ascertain that there would be no follow up to The Silvered. I may pick that for a read along next year, although it is quite violent.

Now, here for your amusement is a glimpse into my brain: some book recs from my first panel.

Steaming Outside Victorian London

Alt. history same time period:

History shift location:

I want to know: What if the Inka has steam technology? Others on the panel wanted to bring on the seapunk.

Off world:
Clockwork Heart, Tobias Buckell, some Terry Pratchett, non-books Space 1889 RPG and Galaxy 999 out of Japan.

We also got into a heated discussion about whether people are less gullible now than 100 years ago. I promised that I would email More or Less for a statistical answer. I have done so and I will keep an ear to the podcast and let you know if they decide to answer me.

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Lilliput sits on my story bibles

Quote of the Day:
“When he talked the conversation was all on his side.”
~ Around the Tea Table by T. De Witt Talmage (1875)

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