Waistcoats & Weaponry is Alive & Book Tour Details (Finishing School)

Waistcoats & Weaponry, Finishing School book the Third (penultimate) is in the world! Hooray!!! *

It is available in ebook, hard cover, and somewhat on Amazon. (Why are there problems with Amazon shipping in a timely fashion?)

* Update while Gail is on the road: Madness. Distress. Crazy case of hiccoughs.


  • Amazon did drop the kindle edition and it’s available now.
  • B&N did not ship the Signed Special Edition Hardbacks of W&W, and now it looks like they cancelled them. I signed them on schedule and shipped them back. After that, it seems no one could handle the complexity of the situation. Or perhaps the books themselves went all stealthy. I blame Flywaymen.
  • I will make this up to you: drop me a calling card with your address and I will mail off a signed sticker or book plate as soon as I get home. I know it is not the same thing, but I’m scrambling for a way to make this right for you.
  • The audiobook is available in the US for Audible. There is supposed to be a limited CD run as well, but it is listed out of stock and with no picture so we don’t know what is going on there. I wouldn’t hold out hope in that regard, the fact that they even considered CDs came as a huge surprise to me.
  • There seem to be issues with the audiobook in the UK and associated territories (I can’t check since I am not within that particular firewall and just am not up for a VPNing right now). There were problems with C&C audiobook in the UK last release so I guess it is happening again.

Here, Gentle Reader, are the details of my tour…

  • Washington DC Nov. 9 at Noon International Spy Museum (800 F St., NW, 20004). There might be a companion steampunk scavenger hunt throughout the museum!

“The ladies of Boston have more color in their cheeks than those of many cities, and walk as though they would live to get round the next corner. It is not so fashionable to be delicate. They are robust in mind and always ready for an argument.”
~ Around the Tea Table by T. De Witt Talmage (1875)



Can’t catch me out tour?

Never fear here’s some fun virtual touring!

Interviews with yours truly:

On USA Today’s Happily Ever After Blog with other paranormal authors on our favorite creatures of the night Pop Quiz at the End of the Universe

W&W excerpt reveals:

Romantic Times

You can read some early reviews too!

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I’ll be doing a Live Q&A on Goodreads on November 20th.

{What is Gail’s Book Group reading for November? Waistcoats & Weaponry by Gail Carriger}


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Book News:
Libby Blog says of Waistcoats & Weaponry, “This was a fun thrill ride a minute (literally as usual)! And, as usual we have mechanimals, picklemen, sooties, vampires, werewolves, dirigibles, and so much more.”

Quote of the Day:
“the short beds and narrow sheets of Germany; the slow and lumbering diligence-riding of France; the garlicky stews of Spain with a feline foundation; the little vine-twig fires in the chilly winters of Northern Italy”~ The Ladies’ Guide to True Politeness and Perfect Manners or, Miss Leslie’s Behaviour Book
by Eliza Leslie (American 1864) on traveling to other countries.

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  1. redharparts said:

    Considering the ongoing issues with Amazon….. I just bought Waistcoats & Weaponry via Kobo and my purchase benefited a local, independent, book shop.
    –Kate B

  2. Becca said:

    My lovely signed copy from Barnes and Noble has been delayed so I am having to wait T_T But never mind, it is something lovely to look forward to when it does eventually arrive. It just means I'm jealous of everyone who has read it already.

  3. Elizabeth Pearl said:

    Barnes & Noble cancelled my pre-order for the signed edition. I refuse to buy a regular hardcover or ebook from them, because of this experience. I broke down and bought the kindle ebook because I'm desperate to read this story. I will be buying a hardcover, as well as a copy of Curtsies & Conspiracies as soon as I find a small bookstore that stocks them.

  4. Wendy L. Callahan said:

    They cancelled mine as well. I'm very disappointed – I pre-ordered it the day Gail announced the signed copies. Well, not Gail's fault. I ordered the standard hardback instead, and that is on its way to me. Looking forward to it!

  5. Beth Hoey said:

    Gail, you are AMAZING. I was one of the many people whose order got canceled by B&N, and the offer of a bookplate is just as good in my eyes! I'm likely going to buy the Kindle book, so I can read W&W right away, and then get the hardcover version for my collection because I'm silly like that.

  6. June said:

    Thank you for the offer of a signed book plate to make up for this. I can wait until you get to New Zealand next year, and my purchase can then benefit a local book store.

    I wasn't going to buy a signed copy of the hardback but decided to get it in the end because hardbacks rarely get to New Zealand. My order has been cancelled like everyone else's.

    Thankfully I already have a signed book from a competition you ran a few years back that was opened to international readers.

  7. Andrea Osorno said:

    Ditto – mine cancelled too. I can't wait and it's not Gail's fault. B&N are a book seller and should sell books. I complained to their customer service based on the above information.

  8. 1110 Cg said:

    My signed copy order was cancelled as well! I am so upset and very disappointed, as I placed the order on October 1st! I am NOT buying from barnes and noble again due to this experience. Customer service was no help at all with this issue. I really wanted a signed copy and wish there was another way to get one!

  9. Becca said:

    I echo the disappointment of everyone else whose signed copy order was cancelled. =( Will have to grab a copy somewhere else then, and quickly. At least that means I'll be reading it sooner than expected now.

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