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Tomorrow, Gentle Reader, I have a Goodreads AMA. I’ll be popping in and out most of the day to answer any questions you may have. Looks like I already have over a hundred, that should keep me busy! Also if you have any questions not for me, that you’d like to chat about with other like minded peeps there is a discussion orientated Gail Carriger Fan Group that is not moderated by me. (Although I do nip in on occasion to chat about my latest book group pick.)

Goodreads sent out a notification to over 40k users on November 6 that read the following:

You’re receiving this message because you’ve read and liked a book by Gail Carriger. We have exciting news! 
Gail is taking questions from readers to promote the release of her new book, Waistcoats and Weaponry, the third book in the Finishing School series. She will be answering questions on Thursday, November 20th.


Submit a question for the author here! If Gail answers your question, you will be notified via email message and notification on Goodreads. 


“Ask the Author” launched in late May, and it is now open to all authors on Goodreads. Click here to see a list of more participating authors. 

Pretty amazing to think about actually. As an author. I don’t know it just feels so vast.  I’m not surprised I have over a hundred questions waiting! but I promise I will try to get to them all!

Also I have massive blog post to drop tomorrow all about the tour and Retro Rack has already started chronicling the outfits.

In other news, I have mailed off the first batch of apology bookplates. It seems that a few people have actually gotten their signed copy but most were cancelled. We still have no idea why or what happened.

We had a little cottage industry going in the office all yesterday: signing, stamp & rtn label sticking, and envelope stuffing. I got a brief glimpse as to what it must be like to be part of an election campaign. I have run out of what I keep to hand in the manner of bookplates and are now waiting on Little Brown to send more. If I don’t get them by Thursday I’ll buy additional myself. I hope to finish out the rest that have contacted me next Monday with only a few strays to go after that.

Everyone who has one in the mail should have received an email to that effect already. If you haven’t gotten one, then you are in round two. We are responding in order of date on calling cards received. So that those who emailed first get priority. It seemed the fairest approach.

{What is Gail’s Book Group reading for December? Daughter of the Empire by Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts}


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

1895 Mourning Parasol  1895-1900  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Your Infusion of Cute . . .
Cross stitch Tuck Shop craft kits by Pearl and Earl  

Your Tisane of Smart . . .
18th and 19th Century: Lady’s Maid and Her Duties in the Georgian and Regency Era

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  
“There is a spice of meanness in requesting from her, as a gift, any portion of her stock in trade.”
~ The Ladies’ Guide to True Politeness and Perfect Manners or, Miss Leslie’s Behaviour Book
by Eliza Leslie (1864)


Manners & Mutiny ~ The Finishing School Book the Last Releases November 2015. Not yet available for pre-order. Edits stage.

Prudence ~ Custard Protocol Book the First Release date March 17, 2015 now available for pre-order!

The Books! 

 The Finishing School Series: 1 Etiquette & Espionage, 2 Curtsies & Conspiracies, 3
 The Custard Protocol Series: 1 Prudence (Coming March 17, 2015)
The Parasol Protectorate Series: 1 Soulless, 2 Changeless, 3 Blameless, 4 Heartless, 5 Timeless
Parasol Protectorate Series manga graphic novels

Book News:
In which I interview with Horn.

Quote of the Day:
“And she’s got brains enough for two, which is the exact quantity the girl who marries you will need.”
~ P. G. Wodehouse

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