Ketchup ~ While I Was Drinking Prudence ARC

While I was away on tour several exciting things happened which you, Gentle Reader, may wish to know about.

1. Orbit sent out some ARCs for Prudence. I know it feels like I just got done with one new book baby, but there is another on the horizon. You see? It’s not too long a wait. I’m birthing a litter. Amazon officially notified peeps that it is available for pre-order. Rumor is that the audiobook will drop at the same time, no reader chosen as yet.

The ARC, more info on the inner fly.

2. I received the prize part of Etiquette & Espionage wining a French award for best translated young adult novel. It’s a copy of the French book inside a beautiful handmade leather cover.

 Everyone say ooooooo.

3. I took some video in the hotel room in DC on how I make tea on the road. Tea on the Go with Gail Carriger [on youtube]. Here is a close up of my water boil coil in action…

4. Speaking of video: my editor, Deirdre, and the always fab Victoria (@VictoriaLBYR) talk about my Finishing School series in front of the camera.

5. I’m getting some queries about why my books aren’t available for Sony e-readers. Very little is likely to be anymore, I’m afraid, since Sony has discontinued the line. Calibre is your friend.

6. Amazon and Hachette settled their dispute… more on that in a future blog.

On another note, here’s the current state of… da da da dum…

The Missing 500

B&N has apologized for what happened (the specifics are a mystery, and seem likely to remain so ~ computer glitch is the current best guess ~ I still blame Flywaymen). They are going to send an e-mail this week (?) to “customers who were told there were no books now saying that they do have signed copies available.” The e-mail will have a dedicated link to the signed copy and customers will have to re-order. They have the 500 copies frozen and segregated in their warehouse, ready to ship out. I have little faith at this juncture that anything will actually happen, but this is an honest recounting of what I’ve be told.

Although, since they did actually shipped a few (confirmed via Facebook) I hope they did a re-count the now-less-than-500 so this doesn’t happen again. (I have emailed my publisher with this concern.) Also, they will likely futz with the price.

Oh, my darlings, I am so worn out over this whole fiasco. Tea. More tea.

The next batch of bookplates arrived from Little Brown. This Monday I hope to sign and send them off. So get your requests in ASAP if you still want one.

{What is Gail’s Book Group reading for December? Daughter of the Empire by Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts}


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  1. Nicola Woodhouse said:

    I loved Waistcoats and Weaponry and I can't wait for Prudence! Congratulations on the award!

    On Sony ebook readers – you can still get books from Kobo and Waterstones at the very least.

  2. Gail Carriger said:

    @Kah Cherub: Thank you! I'm so pleased with them as well.

    @Nicola: Thank you so much! That is excellent to know about the Sony ereader and Kobo.

    @Jessica: Thank you! I blush!

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