Dear Lord Akeldama: On the Influence of Sweet Shopes

It’s been way too long, I know, Gentle Reader. But here he is, as ever, your favorite Queen of the Night…

Dear Lord Akeldama ~ On the Influence of Sweet Shopes

Traipsing Trillium asks: Were you very well traveled before becoming a vampire?

Possibly the best traveled in the known world, for my time. And, were it not for that trixy little fever, I would have been considerably more so.

1715 Waistcoat  1715  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Ladytesser asks: If the response isn’t too spoilery, may I ask how much influence did you have over Prudence’s tastes in fashion and interior decor?

Influence, over my darling little Puggle? You have met her parents, have you not?

Mr. Anonymous asks: Dear Lord Akeldama, I know it may be a difficult question to answer but how did you become a vampire?

Very very carefully.

Maurice-screen shot-1987-9911529-453-256

Scullerym8d0182 asks: Will we be learning more of your illustrious lineage? If this is something which cannot be divulged then perhaps you can tell me HOW you managed to coordinate your clothing’s hues so divinely? What inspires such profound genius?

Oh my dear dumpling what a question! I am inspired by nature, by poetry, and the grand pantheon of the gods of old. In my style you can see the influence of the ages, of the future, of the finest feelings of the most romantic souls of our time. And sweet shops. I do love sweet shops.

SpottyBlanket asks: You have a wide range of guilty pleasures, in this modern era–do you have any television or film related ones?

Project Runway and Top Chef Masters, are there any other possible guilty pleasures?


Punch July 1853

DeathInATopHat 1asks: How do you feel about the modern fascination with Vampires, in your opinion which show/film is the most realistic.

Why this is me, muffin top. I adore being a creature of fascination. What is real? Truth is merely a fiction dressed up in the overly constricting, and unconscionably dull, cravat of reality. And really, reality can go stuff itself in a milk bottle.

Please do not ask time sensitive questions, Lord Akeldama, being a vampire, as a very loose interpretation of time.

Miss Gail

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  1. krystolla said:

    Dearest Lord Akeldama,

    As someone striving mightily to overcome the inherent disadvantages of being born and raised outside of London (in the former colonies, alas) I have been trying to gain a proper understanding and appreciation of tea. I have had difficulty obtaining a mentor in this endeavor, as where I live tea is most woefully sugared and then poured over copious amounts of ice. Or there is bubble tea, which I think is likely an insult to both bubbles and tea.

    I would much appreciate your inestimable advice in this matter, especially as I am not in position to relocate to a more hospitable clime.

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