Gail Carriger’s 7 Geeky Confessions (Occasional FAQ)

The Nerdy Girlie posted some Geeky Confessions to her blog a while ago. I love the idea, Gentle Reader.

Girls in fandom can get a lot of flack for not being true fans of all things geeky, whatever that means. As a result of having to defend myself when I was a young cosplaying teen, I’m always a little scared to admit that I don’t participate in certain areas of fandom. But, it’s time I owned the gaps in my geeky knowledge, because I’m still a proud geek, just not about all the things.

1959 Blouses via vintage-vs-retro tumblr


Confession #1: I Don’t Play Video Games

I had a brief affair with Super Mario way back in the day. I played Pong when it was on those cassettes and I’ve been known to Bejewel a bit of an evening, but that’s it. I loathe FPS, am totally uninterested in games with story arcs or quests (I’d sooner write my own, thank you very much), and don’t give two figs for any sort of alternative life world building scenario (I like the one I’m currently living in well enough).

Confession #2: Nor Do I Play Table Top, RPG, Magic the Gathering, or LARP

I understand it and I have hung out with gamers since I was a wee little baby-Gail. But I have never liked or been interested in this side of gaming either. I perfer to be goddess of my universe and I don’t like playing by anyone else’s rules, not even those governing DM. I’d rather be writing.

backstoryradio~ tumblr, Lantern slides showing movie theater etiquette and announcements,
circa 1912. via Library of Congress.


Confession #3: I Don’t Enjoy Animated Movies

OK so there are a few exceptions, but most of the time I’m just not a big fan of the voice acting. I find it too extreme. Particularly if the movie is intended for children, I find the vocal cadences grating. Yes that includes Toy Story, and the Lego Movie, and Frozen, and… I know, the lips out in fandom are wobbling, “But but but Gail,” you say, “Have you tried …” It’s not that I won’t watch them, it’s just that they never really make it into the favorites column. However, adult cartoon series (like Invader Zim or Bob’s Burgers) are a different thing entirely.

Confession #4: I Don’t Like Horror

I don’t like the boo horror, or the gruesome horror, or the thriller horror, or the Jack Nicholson smiles-a-lot horror, or the shaky cam heavy breathing horror. I don’t like being scared. I’ll take a dark comedy with horrific leanings on occasion (like Black Sheep or Fido) but not the real thing.

Confession #5: I Was A Dancer Not A Theater Geek

I know. But I get horrible stage fright if I have to act. I’ve done it, and I’ve done it OK, but in the end I always freeze on stage and forget my lines. I never forget steps, dancing is a whole different thing for me. Give me music and I’m a happy girl, give me silence and I’m terrified. Unless, of course I’m lecturing about something upon which I am an expert. Then I’m fine. This is one of the reasons I prefer not to read from my books, I’m just not good at it. I’d rather just chatter about them.

backstoryradio ~ tumblr Lantern slides showing movie theater etiquette and announcements, circa 1912.
via Library of Congress.


Confession #6: I Don’t Drink Soda

Not really a strictly geek thing, but it is pretty geeky. My gamer friends were always debating the relative merits of Pepsi versus Mountain Dew versus Popsididdly (or whatever). I don’t like any of it. No, really. None of it. Particularly not cola flavoring, yech. I never have. I wasn’t raised with pop and I don’t really like how sweet it is. If I want something fizzy I’m pretty happy with plain old sparkling water and a bit of lemon.

Confession #7: I Don’t Read Heinlein

I have tried a few times, but I simply dislike like his style of writing. I find his plots boring, I’m never even slightly interested in his characters, and I think his treatment of women is puerile at best. No I’m not going to try anymore of his stuff. I have neither the time nor inclination.

So have you lost all respect for me?

{Gail’s Book Group reading for January 2015 was Kat, Incorrigible by Stephanie Burgis}

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  1. Myandria said:

    I also hate horror!
    I dink far too much cola, but next time your back in the UK you should try out some of the Fentimens drinks – they are all botanically brewed to traditional recipes and are quite different from 'pop'. I bet you'd like the seville orange and ginger. I love their curiosity cola – after drinking that shop bought cola just tastes…flat and flavourless!
    Plus thier logo is a cute dog. http://www.fentimans.com/

  2. Karano月 said:

    finally! someone else who shares the "cola tastes like crap" sentiment!
    coke makes me gag, I have no idea why it's so popular, although I have to admit I love fizzy lemonade so I'm not against all fizzy drinks.
    I also dislike horror, I just don't see the point in being deliberately frightened.
    On the animated movie thing, have you watched any serious anime? I'd say adult anime, but that goes down into another realm on which we will not dwell . . .
    for example, ghost in the shell is mind-fuck to the max, and any of the studio ghibli films really.
    although there does tend to be more variety in manga than in anime I find.
    oh and steamboy is a steampunk anime movie.

  3. celtica98 said:

    I am with you on all of these. Except I do love soda. But it's an odd one. I love caffeine free diet coke in its weird gold can. I have very specific beverage requirements. Very cold water (still or sparkling), good coffee or tea (not herbal), Guinness, lager, and few types of wines I can tolerate. Oh, and a dash of Sambuca for the very good coffee.

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