Custard Protocol Extras: Fun Research Tidbits for Prudence

While I was writing Prudence, I collected some fun and key images for significant scenes.

Here are a few that I thought you might enjoy, Gentle Reader.

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Now you can look out for them as you read… and some quotes, because I’m honored by the warm reception this book has received.

Victorian Snuff Box, Lacquer With Mother – Of – Pearl , Circa 1880




Vampire Book Club says of Prudence:

“I’m beyond in love with the world Carriger has created and her imagination never ceases to amaze me. It’s exciting and colorful, filled with ingenious inventions and glorious attention to detail, especially concerning Victorian fashion and etiquette.”


Seated Parvati Hindu goddess of all goddesses; wife of Shiva (via commons)


OverDrive Blog says of Prudence:

“Rest assured, readers new to this universe will easily enjoy this novel as a standalone read.  … But true satisfaction lies with those of us who have already read the earlier novels and are longing for updates on some of our favorite characters, who pop up with gratifying frequency throughout the novel in minor roles.” 


Fresh Fiction says of Prudence:

“Prudence is the first in the new Custard Protocol series, which promises as much mayhem and manners as Carriger’s first two series.”

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