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My entire trip to New Zealand, Gentle Reader, was because of one man: Andrew. Andrew and I met at the WorldCon in Melbourne a few years ago. Apparently, he was talking to Pip and Tee and saw me in my checked outfit. He asked who I was and they told him, and then he asked to be introduced.

Andrew’s first Gail sighting, image courtesy of him.

Apparently during the course of that meeting, he conceived of the idea of having a steampunk themed convention in Rotorua (steam central) with me, Pip, and Tee. Three years later there I was, flying to New Zealand. Moral of this story? Style will get you anywhere.

Gail Author interview with Andrew photo by Martyn

I’ve been to New Zealand before and loved it. I had even been to Rotorua. But the AB never has traveled Down Under at all, and neither of us have ever visited the South Island. So the plan was to do the convention first, then fly to Christchurch, where we would pick up a camper van and drive around the South Island for a week and a half, then fly back to Auckland, meet my publishers and explore the city before heading home. Things pretty much went according to plan. Also, because of some tips from people at the con, we added the Steampunk HQ in Oamaru to our list, well worth a visit.

Rotorua is quite beautiful, if a little smelly, and the convention was an intimate gathering of super fans many of whom had traveled quite some distance to be there. In addition to the convention, there was also a steampunk gathering at a beautiful Victorian tea house.

Steampunk Rotorura by Martyn

For some reason, I was feeling the cider on this trip. I really liked a lot of the local ones I tried, they were sweet, but not too sweet. There were some new flavors of Crabbies to try too (which were quite sweet indeed, but I loved them anyway.)

More on food and drink to come. Pip pip!

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