10 Tropes Gail Carriger Hates to Read

I did a blog post on tropes that I love.

This was partly, Gentle Reader, to give the Coop de Book an idea of the kinds of stories I gravitate towards. (Also it’s nice to be able to direct publicity teams hunting for blurbs at something and say, “Is the book you’re pimping like this? Then I won’t like it.”)

To that end, I have built the following list of tropes I dislike.

Nope, Nope, Nope

  1. Hero’s journey
  2. Rape
  3. Teams with only one woman
  4. Female protagonists with no female friends
  5. Skinned characters (biologically women, but they think and act like men)
  6. Women characters only described by their appearance
  7. Abusive/stalker Alpha males
  8. Depressed main character
  9. Issues that could be solved with one conversation
  10. Amnesia

Want more?

Some author ticks I intensely dislike and will turn me off…

  1. Early onslaught info-dumping
  2. First person present tense
  3. Excessive length
  4. Detailed descriptions of gore
  5. Glaring and consistent misuse of vocabulary (thesaurus syndrome)

{Gail’s Coop de Book pick for July 2015 is Passion Blue by Victoria Strauss}


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