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Hello my darling Gentle Reader, I am officially back. And by that I mean off the opiates, with a working brain. Hooray! Unfortunately, I still don’t have my normal energy levels. Healing, as it turns out, is exhausting. Who knew? The surgery itself takes a mere three months to come to full recovery, with no real physical activity for two months (just in time for me to lift my luggage flying to Spokane for WorldCon).

Sadly, the painkillers also made it nigh impossible for me to read. 142 characters was about all I could manage in a row. Coincidence that this is also Twitter allowance? I think not.

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So what did I do?

Watched a whole lot of TV while doing fiddly little tasks like cutting up cat treats, shaping my nails, and plucking my eyebrows. It was mind numbingly dull. My TV consumption included, but was not limited to:

  • LA Frock Stories ~ I like it, especially in informative bits about designers but I doubt I would ever buy from that store. I’m not a collector, I’m a consumer of vintage, and as such her prices are prohibitively expensive.
  • Buffy then Buffy/Angel ~ I tweeted some thoughts, and I’ve a bit of a blog post in progress about the writing on the shows. I’m afraid I rather petered out on them. I was hoping to at least finish Buffy but it got too tough going after a while, so I would have to take breaks.
  • Great British Bake Off ~ I love it. I like how nice the contestants are to each other, or seemingly nice. I’ve watched them all except Season 1, which seems hard to get hold of.
  • Gossip Girl ~ a long-running version of Dangerous Liaisons set amongst New York’s elite. It’s OK. Someday I’d like to see Hollywood churn out a whole year of shows and movies not set in LA or NY. Frankly, I think they lack the imagination.
  • The Crimson Petal & the White ~ based on a Michel Faber novel about Sugar, a socially climbing prostitute turned mistress in the 1880s. A little too dark for me but I liked the costumes.
  • Anna Karenina (the BBC miniseries from 2000) ~ speaking of dark… I hope it should come as no surprise to you, Gentle Reader, that I am NOT a fan of Tolstoy, but I do adore the costumes and I love Kevin McKidd (he was always my pick for Lyall, although I suppose at this point he’s getting a bit long in the tooth… pun intended).

That’s it for now my dears, hoping to have my blogging rotation back in form now.

Caution in Visiting Sick Rooms.

Never venture into a sick room if you are in a violent perspiration (if circumstances require your continuance there), for the moment your body becomes cold, it is in a state likely to absorb the infection, and give you the disease. Nor visit a sick person (especially if the complaint be of a contagious nature) with an empty stomach; as this disposes the system more readily to receive the contagion. In attending a sick person, place yourself where the air passes from the door or window to the bed to the diseased, not betwixt the diseased person and any fire that is in the room, as the heat of the fire will draw the infectious vapor in that direction, and you would run much danger from breathing it.”
~ Godey’s Lady’s Book and Magazine October 1872

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  1. linda-lupos said:

    I hope you get well soon! Recovering from surgery *is* surprisingly tiring, but I hope that it was all worth it. 🙂

    If you liked Bake-Off, you might like The Great British Sewing Bee. It's like Bake-Off, except with (obviously) sewing. There are three seasons right now; the winner of the first season was amazing and the person I aspire to be one day.
    I think most episodes are on Youtube…?

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