Dear Lord Akeldama: On Man Buns & Commandos

Lord Akeldama has whisked by the blog and hijacked my post today, Gentle Reader,  as will happen occasionally. And, my fresh water pearl, I am not permitted to say anything more on the subject…

Dear Lord Akeldama ~ On Man Buns & Commandos

Aileen asks: Do you have any tips on what would be most flattering and stylish on a lady that has just had a baby?

I would hark back to a more Grecian age, my dear cupcake. There is a great deal to be said for artful draping.

Sharon asks: Is it ever not a fashion faux pas to wear stripes with polka dots?


Ensemble  1790-1795  The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Summer asks: How do you come up with such wonderful pet names?…me and my sister do that when I text her…I go “how is my beautiful blueberry cupcake?” ….and she’ll reply “feeling absolutely delicious my little cute crumpet”………yes… yes we are huge fans.

They chiefly arrive from spontaneity of the moment, occasionally they are a consequence of considered meditation and study.
(Gail wonders if you get the literary reference in this answer?)

Dora asks: Does he like going commando at all?

Lord Akeldama does not understand this reference but suggests that, when available for a casual soiree, a nice strapping commando is never a bad thing.

J. C. Leyendecker

Marisa asks: Who hurt you? 

A beautiful creature long ago who committed the gravest of sins: dying before I did. Of course, since then it’s be the same song over and over again.

Elizabeth asks: Do you enjoy popular novels and if so, which ones?

I read only what is highly romantic and incurably frivolous. Literature is too important to be taken seriously.


Anukampa asks: Which of your five senses gives you the most pleasure?


Heather asks: Should purple and green really never be seen together, or is it a fashion myth?

All rules are made to be broken, particularly those taken most seriously.

1765 Jacket and Waistcoat  1765  The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Juliet asks: Is lemon instead of milk ever an option?

Not for vampires.

ThePeachMartini asks: What is your opinion regarding this disturbing article of dressing up a man-bun with a tiny fedora?

* Gail here: Lord Akeldama refuses to even acknowledge the existence of the man bun.

Katie asks: Lord Maccon ever got drunk again, would you ever play a practical joke on him? Perhaps changing all his clothes into lovely shades of pink, or maybe just switching them out for dresses?

That man is so very inured to matters of apparel he likely wouldn’t notice even if I did. Nevertheless this is not my style, my darling drones on the other hand…

Miss Gail

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  1. tristan-os said:

    I have recently come to terms with the fact I am a transgender man (assigned female at birth but not actually so). But the problem is I have no knowledge of men's fashion. Do you have any tips on finding a personal style, or even on what a shorter than average man with wider hips and a preference for slim fits over baggy ones should wear?

  2. GiggirlNY said:

    Très jolie hijacking, cher Lord Akeldama!
    I'm of the opinion that if you on a regular occasion distract our Gail with a cup of Licungo tea from the Zambezia province of Mozambique that perhaps you can become a more frequent contributor to her fine blog.

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