20 Random Things You Might Not Know About Gail (Occasional FAQ)

For you, Gentle Reader, here are 20 random things from a random mind trying to get this blasted book finished…

Imprudence research.


  1. While other kids played marriage with their barbies, I played divorce court. The stuffed animals were the jury.
  2. I cannot do any tongue-related tricks. Nope. Not that either.
  3. I listen to podcasts on 1.5x speed, so whenever I see a show live they sound all slowed down and weird.
  4. I do not play any musical instruments, but I always wanted to be a drummer.
  5. I’m always cold, until I’m not, and then I faint.
  6. I collected hot wheels as a kid.
  7. I don’t speak or read Spanish well, but I understand it pretty darn good.
  8. I owned a motorcycle for 20 years before I had an encounter with a dead possum and decided I had lost my edge. I still miss riding, but I don’t regret giving it up.
  9. I like to categorize people based on their preferred alcoholic drink and their car choices.
  10. I’m a better cook than I am a baker, but I really want to be a better baker so I practice constantly. However, I don’t really like to eat baked goods. The end result is I am constantly foisting them on others.
  11. I am easily creeped out by lots of things (puppets, monkeys, dolls, clowns) but I’m a master bug killer, and never squeamish about food.
  12. My maternal grandfather and I have the same eye color. I always identified with him because he’s the only other scientist in my family. Of course, I ended up an author.
  13. I have no sense of direction what-so-ever and I cannot remember names, but I’m magic when it comes to what was ordered at a restaurant the last time we were there, and an idiot savant with hotel room numbers.
  14. I am an extremely strong swimmer. I was a lifeguard and I grew up on the Pacific Coast so I adore challenging swimming. I feel happiest immersed in water and I’m obsessed with vanishing edge pools.
  15. At about age 8, I taught myself to throw side arm with a spin “like a boy” because I hated the “you throw like a girl” thing so much.
  16. I can identify almost every flavor of gelato… in Italian.
  17. I was on the swim team for distance but I was never fast. However, I have a textbook stroke because I used to teach for the Red Cross. I still practice side stroke, which I don’t think is even taught anymore.
  18. My nails grow fast, strong, and well. In junior high I had them really long and painted blood red. I thought it was so cool.
  19. Because of my previous career, I’m obsessed with ceramics and you’ll see me turn pots over to check the makers mark pretty consistently. Sometimes when they still have food in them.
  20. I’m a super taster. I took the special little strip test and everything, but don’t follow all the regular criteria (I like bitter, I’m not picky, etc…). I love tasting sauces and then trying to guess what’s in them.

{Gail’s monthly read along for September 2015 was Court of Fives by Kate Elliott}

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“The world that Carriger has created is Colourful, filled with ingenious inventions and a wonderful blend of Steampunk and paranormal, with its own take on Victorian fashion and etiquette.”

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~ The Price of the Stars: Book One of Mageworlds by Debra Doyle & James D. Macdonald

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  1. Lily Lowe said:

    Hi, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE all your books but I tend to listen to them in audiobook form over reading them. I have probably listened to the three series (both in chronological order and release order … I know I'm lame!) at least five times now. I was wondering if there was an estimated release date for the audiobook form of Manners and Mutiny… because I am so excited! Please don't stop writing, I am obsessed and I don't know what I would do without your series.

  2. Susan Pola Staples said:

    Thanks for the little known things. I am afraid of bugs, except for butterflies and moths. Amazon's hot new releases for children made me *snort* and lol, but does Amazon read? The jury is still out.

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