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It. Is. Alive! Today Manners & Mutiny is available online or wherever fine books are sold. Here’s a sample of sources:


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I am really happy with this book because I feel like it ties up so many loose ends, not only for Sophronia and her friends, but for this universe I have created. You know me, I do like things neat and tidy.

This one carries with it a lot of hope.

I hope you guys are as happy as I am about the resolution to the story of Sophronia, Soap, and their friends; as well as the school, the teachers, the mechanicals, Bumbersnoot, a certain wicker chickens, a handful of fake pastry, and anything else you might have wondered about.

I’m hoping that if you have asked yourself, while reading this series, is Gail going to…? That you will find in Manners & Mutiny that the answer is yes. Yes I most likely am going to.  And I did. So there!

I had a whole post on chatelaines that blogger ate, but this is pretyt good!

My intent is that you put this book down and instantly go back to start Etiquette & Espionage all over again because so much will now make sense from the get go. Or that perhaps you will go on to the Parasol Protectorate to learn which characters turn up again there, and what surprises may be in store for you, knowing what happened 20 years in the past.

If you feel like anything was left unfinished, don’t you worry. There is still more to come from many of these characters. Fingers crossed that everything works out for me and my 2016 super secret intelligencer plans. It does seem that, at the moment, I too have turned to espionage and mutiny. However, soon good manners will drive me to reveal all.

Want to know how I feel as an author today of all days? 
Matt pretty much covers that: An important message from an author (who is me) on the day of their book release. The single nicest thing you can do for any author is tell other readers that you enjoyed that author’s book.

A final note: Thanks to everyone who participated in the Facebook Q&A! It was a roaring sucess. Some wonderful questions were asked that not only made me think, but gave me idieas for future stories.  It was a delightful way to spend my afternoon ~ smart, silly, joyful. I love my readers so much.

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Book News:
Pretty Little Pages says: “Gosh, can I just gush about how fun Etiquette & Espionage was? It was just a really good book. It was so easy to get lost in the world of Mademoiselle Geraldine’s. … It required me to be present while reading, but it was just so fun. I know I need a new word, but that’s really what this book was for me. It was an adventure!”

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  1. Myandria said:

    Just finished reading it and it's….
    BRILLIANT. All of it. It's just a perfect ending to that series and that breadcrumb you left at end! So now I have to go back and read everything from the beginning of Soulless again 😀
    Just enough lose threads to keep me wanting more, just enough tidied up to be satisfying.
    Really well done! Thankyou so much for writing these books 😀

  2. Dyslexia's Mom said:

    My only regret is that I discovered your books so early on. It's torture waiting for the next book to come out! I truly love your books!! Congrats!

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