Gifts for People Who Love To Read ~ Including Unique DIY Ideas (Miss Carriger Recommends)

The holidays are upon us and so here are some fun ideas for gifts for the reader in your life, Gentle …erm… Reader.

Gifts for People Who Love to Read

Feather Metal Bookmarks ($7).


Purchase eBook-only shorts from your reader’s favorite author, especially if the reader doesn’t like eBooks. Get some fancy paper, print out the short story, roll up like a scroll and wrap with a pretty ribbon. (My shorts are here.)

Knock Knock Personal Library Kit ($15).


Email your reader’s favorite author and offer to mail an SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) if they have any book marks, or even business cards with cover art on them that they’d be willing to sign. You can turn these into magnets.

If the author doesn’t offer swag, you can print out the cover of a favorite book followed by quotes onto nice paper with a high quality printer and make all manner of things with it, from a specialized bookmark (most print shops will do cheap lamination), to Christmas tree decoration, to framed art.

Fight Evil Read Books mug $18 (or others)

Pre-order a few up coming favorite authors for the reader in your life.

Print out the pre-order page as a kind of coupon of goodness to come.

Read Harder (A Reading Log Journal): Track Books, Chart Progress $15

Offer the convention experience.

Poke about to see if there are any major or minor conventions in your area that feature the reader’s favorite author. Get tickets to attend with the reader, or for the reader and a friend. This can be a spendy gift, but experience gifts are pretty darn awesome.

Harry Potter Themed Book of Spells Kindle Paperwhite Cover (comes in all house colors, black, and purple) $25.


Pull together a book themed basket. For example, collect some of your favorite romance novels with some chocolates, a bath bomb, and a bottle of wine (or two). Here is one example I did for Blameless several years ago.

Still hunting for something?

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