Fun & Practical Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

The holidays are upon us. So here are some fun ideas for gifts for the writer in your life, Gentle Reader.

Gifts for Writers

Profession association membership: Coupon to purchase membership for your budding author in something like SFWA (if they qualify) or RWA. (You can always give a coupon for drop-in attendance at the local RWA chapter, which allows your author to sample this experience.)

Tiny Apple Macbook Air Make-Up Compact Mirror ($9)

Professional Magazine subscription: A subscription to Locus Magazine, or RT or something similar (depending on genre) is a nice jumping off point.

Octopus pen ($7).

Scrivener ($40-$45) & Scrivener for Dummies ($13 – $19): I’ll be moving to this processing program soon. Designed by and for writers. Every author I know who uses it, loves it. It’s not for everyone, but it’s worth a try.

Spendy: The experience gift. Check about to see if the there is a local writers conference, for example Pike’s Peak Writers runs a wonderful annual event in Colorado Springs. Sometimes these are run through a local university and often local libraries know about such things.

My favorite t-shirt! 

Spendy: Professional courses. Professional crafting course, evening class, or private lessons in something useful to a writer or a small business. All things from Scrivener to Office, to the basics of bookkeeping to Photoshop 101 can be helpful for beginning writers.

Mini lumio is pretty darn cute too.

I have a fully updated list on Amazon.

Still not happy with any of these suggestions? Chuck has more.

Also this book would make a great gift too… just saying.


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  1. Vicky Rock said:

    ¡Hi Gail! I have one of your books in my TBR, and I'm dying to read it. I live in Argentina, and here, it is hard to buy your books (I had to buy it from Book Outlet, and it took 3 months to get the book to my house). I loved this post, the gifts are so lovely♥
    Kisses ♥

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