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I just ended my 2015 poll, designed to gather readers’ favorite books out of those I chose for last year. 2015 was the first full year of the book group. This kind of poll is good for me, because it provides a great deal of insight. The books that result in the most discussion (which are the ones I pay attention to at the time) are not necessarily the ones that people liked the best. Also the books that I think will cause the most excitement, because they are similar to my own work, aren’t always the most popular either.

So, the poll…

205 readers participated in the poll (which was pretty awesome as I didn’t know that many people were reading along with the group!)

I’m guessing there are more out there too, likely some didn’t vote because the poll isn’t mobile friendly, and it’s outside of common use platforms (like Feedly, or Goodreads, or FB). Some may not have voted because the didn’t read all 12 books. And some just don’t like polls.


With 23% of the vote (49 people) The Eyre Affair was the most popular read. I would guess this is also the general populace’s favorite of the books we read in 2015.

Uprooted came in a close second with 47 votes (22%). This startled me as I see very little cross over with my own work and Uprooted. Still, nice to know a fairy story with a darker edge is welcome, particularly one where the ebook is overpriced. Uprooted also had a clear lead at the beginning of the poll, which tells me that the most devoted readers of my social media (and those with quickest ability to respond – likely younger) favor this book.

(I must say I don’t think much of Uprooted‘s cover.)

In order of decreasing popularity the other books were:

  1. Court of Fives 16 (7%) ~ YA epic fantasy, historical bent, modern style*
  2. Valor’s Choice 16 (7%) ~ military space opera
  3. My Man Jeeves 16 (7%) ~ vintage comedy
  4. Karen Memory 16 (7%) ~ dystopian feminist steampunk
  5. Newt’s Emerald 15 (7%) ~ gaslight fantasy regency romance
  6. Kat, Incorrigible 15 (7%) ~ mid-grade regency comedy
  7. Ridiculous 7 (4%) ~ regency romance, modern style
  8. The Outlaws of Sherwood 5 (2%) ~ vintage alt-history retelling
  9. Jinn & Juice 3 (1%) ~ urban fantasy, modern style
  10. Passion Blue 0 (0%) ~ YA historical

In cases were the books were ranked the same, I put them in order of my favorite first.
* By modern style I mean written with the pace, plot tropes and character archetypes, and graphic sex we see more common in books written since the age of indy publishing. Yes, it is different.

Some thoughts:

  • I’m not certain how many people who voted actually read all 12 books. In the future, I might add a check box asking that question at the top.
  • I’m looking into a better platform for the poll in the future. Last I checked, nothing integrated well with blogger, so it may have to be an external survey generator. Could use a Google form the way I do with the Chirrup. Not sure yet.
  • Despite their 3rd place ranking, I don’t see myself choosing anymore Wodehouse or anything as gritty as Karen Memory again.
  • I’m also unlikely to go for mid-grade or straight up historical. The first I now believe is too childish, the second too dry, for this particular Book Group.
  • The two books I thought most like my own were Newt’s Emerald and Ridiculous. Either the people in my book group have more varied taste than my fans (who always ask for something to read that’s exactly like my books) or my own estimate of what’s similar to my books is wrong. Or I’ve no idea what people like about my books. Or all three.


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