7 Deleted Scenes for Gail Carriger’s Prudence

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for your amusement here are some deleted scenes from Prudence.

SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t yet read it.

Since this series is currently being written, please be aware that deleted scenes may and often do contain spoilers for this series AND both other series (since this is chronologically last). Read at your own risk.

 Paris – Sur le pont de la Concorde, 1890 via @valmad76 Twitter

Prudence Deleted Scenes

Percy on Rue’s Lightskirt Outfit (the one she wears on the cover)

Percy said, probably just to contradict, because he never noticed such things, “I think she looked smashing.”
“Thank you, Percy.”
“And disease free.”
“Thank you Percy.”
He evaluated her over this spectacles. “With only a touch of the street side doxy.”
“Thank you, Percy!”

Dama & Uncle Biffy Conflict over Shopping with Rue & Primrose

Dama took Prim’s deviance from her mother’s questionable taste as a point of personal pride. When, in fact, Rue suspected Uncle Rabiffano had more of an effect. Uncle Rabiffano was a very odd sort of werewolf. He often shopped with them, and was always open to advise on outfit coordination, hair, and hats. Adoring him as she did, Primrose was wide open to his influence. Fortunately, Uncle Biffy was the most fashionable member of Rue’s father’s household. Which wasn’t saying much, when one considered Lord Maccon and his pack. But was saying a great deal if pitted against Rue’s adopted father and all the drones. Lord Akeldama’s taste was flashy, Uncle Rabiffano’s was elegant. Both girls had adored Dama’s style when they were six, but now they sought Rabiffano’s council and Lord Akeldama’s approval afterward. It was a delicate wardrobe situation that Rue only managed to balance because the two gentlemen lived in separate houses. They both knew, of course, that the other had influence. It took a great deal of wheedling to convince each that the other didn’t have too much influence.


Walking dresses in “The Girl’s Own Annual,” 1890 via shewhoworshipscarlin tumblr

Rue’s Mother’s Profession

Her mother’s profession, that of secret preternatural advisor to Queen Victoria, sometime spymaster, and member of the Shadow Council, was supposed to be just that . . . secret. Only Britain’s most respectable vampires and werewolves, and a select handful of progressive politicians, even knew of the Shadow Council’s existence let alone the muhjah. Rue had never quite figured out what her mother specifically did, but it certainly kept said mother busy most nights. Her Paw had once said, not entirely sarcastically, that, “It is a position that allows my darling wife to meddle on as wide a scale as possible. She has the whole Empire to organize and terrorize. Keeps her mostly out of household business, offspring. I should be grateful, if I were you.” Rue had taken this as advise, and given her mother’s personality, been very grateful indeed.

The Many Face of Alexia, T-B, L-R: Japan, Spain, Omnibus, USA, Germany, Manga

Regarding Aunt Ivy’s becoming a vampire, Rue’s birth, & Lady Kingair’s metamorphosis

Rue’s parents had been roundly blamed for all three accidents. But they were collectively so powerful, all the complaining and grumbling was conducted behind their backs. Each ignored accusations of misconduct in their own special way – her mother by willful ignorance, her father by pure cussed obtuseness, and Dama by constant distraction.

Matej Sternen (Sloven artist, 1870-1949).jpg

Lady Kingair in a Pickle

The werewolf’s smile broadened. “Kingair can only act under orders from the Shadow Council when they do not conflict with the brigadier. It is a curious position to be in as a pack, for we are now getting two sets of orders: one from the Dewan at home, to give their agent time, and the other from the brigadier, to rescue his kidnapped wife. Lady Kingair, as you might imagine, is not happy to be placed in this situation. Her position is already tenuous, as a female Alpha she is not permitted official rank in the British Army.”

Percy Doesn’t Like Lady Kingair

“Somehow, I feel he’ll be more forthcoming than my dear little niece.”
“Your niece? Oh, Lady Kingair. Yes, you’re probably right in that. A most disagreeable female.”
“Come now, Percy, was she not instantly enamored of you? How unpleasant to have to earn a lady’s regard for once.” Rue stood, hoping Percy would take the hint. After a moment, he stood as well, gathering up his book and making his way to her door. Rue felt a little bad about her teasing. After all, Prim was right, poor Percy didn’t seek out feminine attention on purpose.


Heat of India

Spoo was napping with the other decklings in her hammock. Above decks was as stiffing as bellow had been. The sun beat down, the day murky with stirred up dust and sediment, the mudflats and waters still. Even the sky rail seemed to be slumbering, the mechanical elephant still and silent above Colaba Station. Everyone waited for the worst of the day’s heat to pass.

“A Stroll on the Beach” by Michael Ancher, 1896 via @MimiMatthewsEsq Tumblr

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