The Terrible Danger of Stock Art in Cover Design (Important for Writers)

Been thinking a great deal about cover art recently, Gentle Reader. I feel I have been generally lucky with mine over the years. Even when I griped about it, it was never too serious. But as hard as it is to be at the whims of a publishing house’s choice, it is equally difficult to find and come up with something original of ones own.

I give you a prime example:




If you like that piece of stock art, chances are everyone else does too.

Further Reading:

And now it’s back to copy edits with me.

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Book News:
Fangirl Nation says:

Manners & Mutiny has all the mystery, the spy work, and humor of the previous entries in the series. As things are drawing to a close, the book is somewhat darker: the stakes are higher, and now that they are all older, hearts are more easily broken, but there are still plenty of moments where I laughed out loud, and clever turns of phrase that I read out loud.”

Quote of the Day:
Genevieve was tall and blonde, a destroyer of masculine peace of mind.
~ The Man with Two Left Feet And Other Stories by P. G. Wodehouse

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  1. AR DeClerck said:

    Which is exactly why I was uber-picky about my cover for The Alchemist's Kiss. I never wanted to see my images on other covers.

  2. Angelica R. Jackson said:

    If only you had access to a great number of gentlefolk who love creating unique looks and may be willing to be photographed (and to sign a proper release, of course)…


  3. Her Grace, Heidi, the Duchess of Kneale said:

    Having a pro photographer and a few aspiring actors/models in one's network can make for a good resource when it comes to unique book covers.

    My photographer is happy to spend some time shooting the subject of my choice for about $30, and I know plenty of aspiring actors and models who will pose for free if they can have a copy of the picture for their portfolio.

    This way I get the kind of shot I want with the joys of having a unique picture.

    Yes, releases are a must, as is credit listed in the book.

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