Official News: Merch! Bumbersnoot Necklace Now Available

Dear Gentle Reader, I have arranged with Badali to create a few Finishing School fine jewelry pieces. Badali makes beautiful high-quality pieces and have worked with various author friends of mine, so I have complete confidence in them. Badali is mainly owned and run by women. I met them at ECCC and they were wonderful ladies.

I think that this first piece shows that my confidence is very well placed.

Bumbersnoot Necklace!

The adorable Bumbersnoot necklace for $29 is available in two bronze patinas (antique and plain) and comes with three chain options (stainless steel, silver, or black leather cord).

They will be rolling out more items over the coming months. They have been wonderful to work with so far, and have involved me in consultation on every part of the design. So yes, this looks very much like the Bumbersnoot in my imagination.

The necklace debuted at the Badali Booth at ECCC, where I also did a signing. Last I heard on Saturday they were close to selling out! If you were lucky enough to get one there, and like your purchase, please do leave a review on their site?

It’s a delicate little pendant necklace, and I put it on myself so you could see what he looks like.

For those who love behind the scenes stuff, here are some photos of the Bumbersnoot cast being created out of wax.


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