Gail Carriger Merchandise Now Available on Zazzle

Those of you who get the Monthly Chirrup got an exciting sneak peek in the April newsletter. For everyone else, here is the Official Announcement…

I’ve started puttering about with merchandise!

I know, isn’t that exciting?

Gail Related Apparel

After a great deal of research I chose Zazzle to host my shop and produce the items for me. Frankly the royalty isn’t much, but the range and quality of the items seems superior to other options. Also, the interface is easier to learn (you know me). Please be patient with me, these are only initial forays. I’m still figuring it all out.

Fun Tea Related Items

Now, before I get tetchy emails…

  1. It is not possible for me to offer items showcasing my novel covers or manga art.
  2. You can switch the product, so if you want it on a different color or style… YOU CAN CHANGE IT YOURSELF! (I know right? So cool.)
  3. Zazzle’s interface, prices, and goods are not totally flexible. I can add more fancy stuff or more cheap stuff from what Zazzle has on offer, but the baseline cost of a mug, for example, can’t be altered.
  4. Thus I can’t offer something like a chatelaine, parasol, or teacup ~ not on Zazzle anyway.


Finishing School Stuff

I was going to roll out merch along with the new website, but the website is taking longer than anticipated and I can’t wait, I’m too excited.

So, because this is me, I’m starting off talking about apparel!

Witty grammar related statements, and fan pins. (Ellipses Are Forever shirt)

T-Shirts for Ladies, Gentlemen, & Infant Inconveniences

So the thing to know about Zazzle is you can take any of the designs you like and put them on 146 other styles ~ men’s, babies, hoodies, tanks, polo, jersey, etc. Although I tend to have destined for the shirt displayed.


Finishing School Shirts
Vintage fan and name of book and author on front pocket, quote on back:
All the Best Geniuses Are Evil & Who Doesn’t Want a Wicker Chicken?




The American Apparel line (while the highest quality & thickest cotton) runs SMALL. 
Gail Tested: I’m a size 6, normally wearing between and small and medium. I ordered this in M and it was at least a size too small. The LARGE was still a bit tight in the arms. I’d suggest ordering a men’s SMALL instead.

I talk more on fit and style in this Retro Rack post.

Zazzle Shirts On The Rack! How Do They Fit? Gail Carriger Merch!

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