How to Get the New Gail Carriger Self Published Books? (Occasional FAQ)

Fun questions from you, Gentle Reader, have resulted in this blog post.

How do I get one?

One of my reasons for going hybrid is to make these stories as widely available as possible. I’m shooting for most platforms except Google Play. I’m distributing via a combination of Amazon and Draft2Digital (which pushes out to other storefronts like iBooks, Kobo, Nook). These platforms should also provide the novellas to most international markets.*

I will also offer versions of the ebook via Gumroad on my website on publication date. You will be able to buy all electronic versions directly from me there. I cannot guarantee a novella will be available everywhere on the same date and some territories may simply have too many restrictions, but I am trying to make these available as widely as possible.

Why can I only pre-order on Amazon?

Because I wanted to get this first book to you quickly and the restrictions on pre-order for other platforms were too extreme in terms of time frame. I’m hoping to have this fixed for the next novella.

(Updated: now available on Barnes & Noble and Kobo and iTunes)

What if I don’t have an e-reader?

If you do not want to use a mobile option on your phone etc, my website will ALSO offer a pdf, just go to the book’s page and I promise it will be there. You can then read it on your desktop computer.

What about a proper printed book?

I intend to provide a print-on-demand option for these novellas. Because they are novellas these books will not be very thick. I know that I have print-only readers, and I’m trying very hard to cater to you. It really isn’t easy. Print versions will not be cheap, POD is expensive. And they will be slower to deliver. Right now I intend to try for both Createspace (Amazon) and Ingram Spark (Lightning Source) so indie bookstores could stock it, if they wanted. As most freelance formatters don’t work with Ingram I’ll be doing that leg myself (and it’s never good if I waste time on technology when I could be writing). If it’s too hard, I may end up just using Amazon.

I am trying this with Poison or Protect and if it doesn’t work, then I’ll not continue print versions. However, this doesn’t mean they’ll never see the printed page. These novellas are all open for reprint in anthologies. Also I could definitely see, when I have enough, pulling them together into omnibus collections.

How about a signed printed book?

You know the drill. If I do it, it’ll be a special give away via my the Chirrup. But if you plan to buy one and bring it to any of my events I will absolutely sign it. You can also email or call Borderlands Books in San Francisco.

Will there be an audiobook?

Likely. I have talent in mind for voice and production (no I likely can’t get my existing readers to do it) but this is a super expensive proposition to do well. Frankly, the first novella (or novellas) must earn back my initial outlay (which has been considerable) before I even consider an audiobook. I’m sorry to be crass, but there is the truth of being a professional. Frankly the surest way to get an audiobook is to buy it in ebook or print first. If you can’t read it yourself, gift it to someone else. Or wait, keep your fingers crossed, and hope.

How many novellas do you want to do, or is it more of a “the first 2 have to do well” sort of deal before you can do more?

Definitely the latter. You must know that I’m loving doing this, but if I can’t recoup my expenses at the very least, then I have to go back to only writing the novels. This is how I make my living, after all.

That said, I have about 20 in mind if this all works out they will keep me occupied in my spare time for a good long while.

You can find little teasers of information on the wikia: Delightfully Deadly, Supernatural Society, and Claw & Courtship. And on my website.


Do I have to have read your other books first?

No. I had Poison or Protect beta tested by someone who had never read any of my books. My developmental editor is good about pin-pointing areas where readers may be confused and I’ve taken pains to fix them. Like all my work, the more you read in the parasolverse the more cookies and Easter eggs you catch but no stand alone novel should ever presume prior knowledge, that would defeat the purpose… if you ask me.


* This presuming they play nice with my tax situation and general technological incompetence. I am not interested in alternate distribution options at this time. I have done the research and given my time constraints this is what I’ve decided. This may change in the future.

{Gail’s monthly read along for June 2016 was Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan.)

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8 Responses

  1. Cheryl said:

    Just want to say… You rock! I just pre-ordered. Your writing style is wonderful and the novels I’ve read are smart and fun. The way you interact with your fans just makes the whole experience that much better. Thank you. Wish I knew who to thank for getting me to pick up the first book of yours.

  2. Heidi Kneale (Her Grace) said:

    Gratitude from one of your overseas readers for offering it on platforms other than Amazon. The Zon is only just emerging into the Australian market (about a decade too late), ergo, most of us have ereaders on different platforms (like the Kobo).

  3. Cheryl Low said:

    I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for the print copy but if you end up running your novellas in ebook only– I’ll go ebook for them!

  4. Delitealex said:

    I’m looking forward to Romancing the inventor. Can’t wait to see the cover.

  5. Phil Dirt said:

    So should I just arrange to have half of my paychecks go straight into Gail’s bank account? At this rate of creativity I think I may have to give it serious consideration.

  6. Richard Dengrove said:

    Despite being seventy-one, I have no problem with e-books. Just that I need an e-mail when the novellas are available to get off my duff.

  7. Eva said:

    Can’t wait to read these! I’ve been rationing the existing books to myself because I rip through them so quickly and then get sad when there aren’t anymore.

    I don’t generally care for e-books, but I’ll happily consume these electronically. And maybe buy two copies if it will keep them coming!

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