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Recently I posted on the social medias about how to get your Parasol Protectorate code name. (Look, I’ve had a rough weekend, Gentle Reader, girl has to entertain herself somehow.) I could have done a little quiz for it, but I came up with a formula instead.

Here it is:

most frivolous piece of clothing you own


favorite food

You can fiddle with it and reverse the order or what have you.

And here are some gems from the response threads, that I played around with in the Parasolverse.

In Italy, working secretly to undermine the Templars we have:

  • Goggles Lasagna
  • Armored Tiramisu
  • Hoopskirt Caprese
  • Spats Macaroni

Meanwhile in the wild west of the USA a gang of agents attempt to re-unify the natural and the supernatural…

  • Bandana Lampchop
  • Poncho Naan
  • Cozy Artichoke
  • Sequined Enchilada
  • Fascinator Manhattan
  • Flightsuit Burrito
  • Stetson Manchago
  • Trenchcoat Tamale
  • Fedora Curry

In Europe, all is in chaos, the hope of civilized discourse and modest bloodshed rests in the gloved hands of…

  • Pearl Etouffee
  • The Plaid Pecan
  • Petticoat Brulee
  • The Hooded Biscuit
  • NeckFrill Von Goulascz
  • Veil Biscoff
  • Parka Beignet
  • Fluevog Nugget

Around the remnants of the empire, solitary yet diligent (and well shaded) agents work against oppression and anti-supernatural regulations…

  • Tutu Paneer
  • Kimono Nachos
  • Boots Pakora
  • Sarong Gumbo
  • Thigh-high Hamachi
  • Booty Shorts Pho
  • Catsuit Mango

While back in London the remaining agents attempt to infiltrate BUR, promote the Progressive Party line, and generally strive for etiquette, respect, and the Maccon way.

  • Crinoline Lobster
  • Poofy Potatoes
  • Custard Stockings
  • Cardigan Fig
  • Tap Pants Banana Cake

(These could also viably be: mob names, bond girls/villains.)

Of course you don’t have to find your code name this way exactly, you can go with any variation. After all the books feature:

  • Puff Bonnet
  • Wingtip Spectator
  • The Ledger
  • The Ruffled Parasol
  • Hot Cross Bun

None of these really follow the formula, it’s just a jumping off point.

{Gail’s monthly read along for September 2016 is Finders Keepers by Linnea Sinclair.}



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Quote of the Day:

β€œSuch a fragile thing, wanting to please someone else. Such endless scope for disappointment and failure.”

~ Glitterland by Alexis Hall

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9 Responses

  1. Valerie Hernandez said:

    These are all so fantastic! But Spats Macaroni and Sequined Enchilada really were a hoot!

  2. Amber said:

    Reading all this just makes me wanna πŸ™‚ and makes anticipating the next book that much harder!

  3. Multi-Facets said:

    I would be Chocolate Scarf, my best female friend is Petticoat Pizza, and my best male friend is Trilby Hamburger. Together we man the Blanket Fort of Awesome, offering rest and refreshment to other adventurers between our super-secret missions. πŸ˜€

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