Character Names & The British Aristocracy

I was reading Vanity Fair recently, Gentle Reader, and they had one of their swanky photo bits on this British aristocratic wedding in Suffolk (Alexander Spencer-Churchill and Scarlett Strutt).

Crazy British Names

I just glanced over the names of the wedding guests and they gave me the giggles. One of the things I get asked about a lot is how I come up with names, and all you really have to do is take inspiration from the existing ridiculous reality of the British blue blooded.

Want a sample?

  • Viscount Astor
  • Anthony Gordon Lennox
  • Lord Charles Spencer-Churchill
  • Henry Wyndham
  • Anton Bilton
  • Fritz Von Westenholz
  • Lord & Lady Bamford
  • Alice Brudenell-Bruce
  • Viscount & Viscountess Rathermere
  • Florence St. George
  • Leo Fenwick
  • Kimi Hammerstrroem

Look, all I’m saying is the comedic house party regency romance practically writes itself. At least so far as names are concerned.

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  1. Nicqui said:

    This is one of my favourite things about the British Royal Family. The names of the aristocracy are beautifully ridiculous.

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