Cinnamon Roll Poll

I adore the special cinnamon roll idea, and I kind of love how much it has been embraced by fandom. Accordingly, Gentle Reader, I give you this super silly poll about my favorite form of cinnamon roll, the dour grump. Why? Because I can and it’s fun! (I removed the ability to add your own, because, yes, I know, Biffy & Lyall. Nash.)

Who is you favorite grumpy cinnamon roll in the Parasolverse?
  • Sidheag 48%, 142 votes
    142 votes 48%
    142 votes - 48% of all votes
  • Pillover 24%, 69 votes
    69 votes 24%
    69 votes - 24% of all votes
  • Channing 18%, 54 votes
    54 votes 18%
    54 votes - 18% of all votes
  • Felix 5%, 16 votes
    16 votes 5%
    16 votes - 5% of all votes
  • Aggie 4%, 12 votes
    12 votes 4%
    12 votes - 4% of all votes
Total Votes: 293
January 31, 2017 - February 19, 2017
Voting is closed

In other news added a few new items to my merch store.

{Gail’s monthly read along for Feb is Black Dog Blues by Rhys Ford.}



Romancing the Inventor

Romancing the Inventor: A Supernatural Society Novella

A steampunk lesbian romance featuring a maid bent on seducing a brilliant cross-dressing scientist who’s too brokenhearted to notice. Or is she?


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Book News:

Talk Supe says of Romancing the Inventor

“Set in the same world and timeline as The Parasol Protectorate, ROMANCING THE INVENTOR features the tenacious and androgynous inventor, Genevieve Lefoux. I’m so delighted that GCarriger wrote an F/F love story and giving our dear Genevieve another shot at true love after getting her heart broken.”

Quote of the Day:

“There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”

~ Oscar Wilde

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Posted by Gail Carriger

3 Responses

  1. Nicqui said:

    That poll was hard. My faves are Pillover, Channing and Felix. Love them. I couldn’t decide but I chose Pillover to start.

    1. Jo said:

      I, too, was torn between Pillover, Channing, and Felix, and I’m disgruntled that I had to choose. I went with Channing in the end though. Romancing the Inventor was the tipping point there.

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