20+ Blogs & Podcasts for Authors Recommended by Gail Carriger (Important for Writers)

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This one if for authors/writers who are interested in publishing & marketing their books.

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This post is part of my occasional FAQ series where I endeavor to answer questions I get asked all the time. (Mainly so I have a perma-link to point people at in future.)

Below I list the blogs and podcasts I find most useful as a hybrid author (including those related to indie and self publishing). I recommend picking episodes/posts based on topic.

(I keep this list as updated as possible.)

My Top Blogs for Authors

  1. Goodreads Authors & Advertisers Blog
  2. Build Book Buzz
  3. Elizabeth Spann Craig
  4. Just Publishing Advice for Writers and Authors
  5. Kikolani
  6. Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  7. Nathan Bransford
  8. Smart Blogger
  9. The Blood-Red Pencil
  10. The Book Designer
  11. Fiction University (was The Other Side of the Story)
  12. Writer Beware
  13. Writer Unboxed

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As always, you don’t have to take my word for it:

My Top Podcasts for Authors

Some of these are podfaded, but pick back eps by subject and dive in.

  1. The Author Biz podcast (possibly podfade)
  2. The Creative Penn podcast (indie focused)
  3. The Murverse Annex (Ditch Diggers & I Should Be Writing podcasts – traditional scifi bent)
  4. Novel Marketing podcast
  5. Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing (industry insider)
  6. Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast (podfade)
  7. The Self Publishing Podcast (podfade)
  8. The Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast (defunk but some good backlist)
  9. Go Publish Yourself from IngramSpark
  10. Sell More Books Show
  11. The Everyday Novelist (scifi, indie, craft focused)

Here’s some more recent recommendations (2022).

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More podcast suggestions?

Gail’s pinterest board Writer Education is full of more recommended resources for authors.


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  1. Jea Hawkins said:

    These are some of the absolute best podcasts for writers and I am a big fan of many of them. I think my absolute favorite, though, is First Draught Writing. I wish they had a show more than once a month. 🙂

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