30+ Best Blogs & Podcasts for Authors Recommended by Gail Carriger

My dear Gentle Reader,

This one if for authors/writers who are interested in publishing & marketing their books.

Below I list the blogs and podcasts I find most useful as a hybrid author (traditional publishing, yes but also those related to indie & self publishing). No matter your path, it’s a good idea to pay attention to things that work for any author.

I currently run the Bay Area Romance Writers newsletter. It is free to non-members. Each month I include all the interesting/important author news that I encountered around the web.

(I keep this list as updated as possible, since I also use it as a resource for myself. But this is the internet, things change FAST. )

10+ Best Blogs for Authors

  1. The Blood-Red Pencil
  2. The Book Designer – cover art stuff
  3. Build Book Buzz – mostly business, specifically sales & marketing
  4. Elizabeth Spann Craig – craft & business
  5. Fiction University (was The Other Side of the Story) – bit of everything (cards on the table I have written articles for them before – volunteer, unpaid)
  6. Just Publishing Advice for Writers and Authors – mostly broad strokes author business stuff
  7. Kindlepreneur – all business, Amazon bias
  8. Kristine Kathryn Rusch – mostly business, self publishing bias
  9. Nathan Bransford – mostly craft and industry gossip/monitoring
  10. ALLi Self-Publishing Advice Center –  what it says on the tin
  11. Smart Blogger – specifically if you have an author blog, although SEO hacking tips can help with your author newsletter
  12. Writer Beware – probably the nation’s foremost author watchdog operation
  13. Writer Unboxed – mostly craft and inspiration
  14. Written Word Media – craft & business

I consume blogs via Feedly every morning with tea, as if they were a newspaper or more… a salacious gossip rag. 

20+ Best Podcasts For Authors

Some of these are podfaded, but you can still pick back eps by subject and dive in, so leave the links live.

  1. Publishing Rodeo – if you want to be traditionally published as an SF/F author, this podcast is for you. Protect yourself. If you ask me a question about debuting in trad, these days I will point you here. Frankly? It wigs me out a bit because their conversation reminds me of my early days. So much has changed, so much remains the same.
  2. The Allusionist – a podcast about (mostly) the English language from one of the worlds most lovely voices
  3. AskAlli: Self-Publishing Advice Podcast – obviously this is self publishing focused but in this day and age, even if you are traditionally published you’ll like end up self publishing something at soem point, this is a great all around resource for that (all genres including non-fic)
  4. The Book Marketing Action Podcast
  5. The Blogging Millionaire – specifically if you have an author blog, although SEO hacking tips can help with your author newsletter, so this is one of those that is publishing industry tangential (odds are, if you found this blog post but you aren’t already a fan of my books, the hacks from this podcast were in play)
  6. Bound By Books
  7. Call Number with American Libraries
  8. The Creative Penn – indie & futurist focused
  9. The Every Day Novelist – scifi, indie, craft focused
  10. Inside Independent Publishing (with IBPA)
  11. Kobo Writing Life Podcast
  12. Murverse (Ditch Diggers & I Should Be Writing podcasts) – traditional publishing sf/f bent
  13. Novel Marketing
  14. Pencils & Lipstick – romance focused
  15. Print Run Podcast – 2 agents’ perspective, traditional publishing only
  16. The Rebel Author podcast
  17. The Sell More Books Show
  18. Stark Reflections on Writing and Publishing – industry insider
  19. Self-Publishing Advice (from ALLi)
  20. SPA Girls Podcast – from New Zealand, romance focused, fun group of personalities and author business approaches
  21. The Sell More Books Show – weekly updates and industry round ups, probably the one on this list that I personally find the most useful
  22. The Writer’s Mindset
  23. Write About Now
  24. Writers, Ink (author interview focused)


  1. The Author Biz
  2. Go Publish Yourself from IngramSpark
  3. Open Book Besties
  4. Science Fiction & Fantasy Marketing Podcast
  5. The Self Publishing Podcast
  6. The Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast (defunk but some good backlist)
  7. Six Figure Authors

but you might check the back catelogue for your topic of interest.

Gail consumes her podcasts using Overcast.

Gail’s pinterest board Writer Education is full of more recommended resources for authors.

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  1. Jea Hawkins said:

    These are some of the absolute best podcasts for writers and I am a big fan of many of them. I think my absolute favorite, though, is First Draught Writing. I wish they had a show more than once a month. 🙂

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