A Classic Gail Carriger Event: Sumage Solution Launch at Borderlands (Miss Carriger Recommends)

Well, hello my darling Gentle Reader. I thought you might like to see what a classic me-event looked like. Here is what happened at Borderlands the weekend before last for the Launch of The Sumage Solution.

The Display

All the pretty books set out for sale including my novellas, my very first book, and my most recent book. Borderlands is always good about guessing what other book of mine attendees might want to buy.

Also I signed everything that was left over (which, frankly, wasn’t a whole lot) so if you want anything signed now is the time to ping them: 888-893-4008 or email [email protected]

The Event

I was a little late due to traffic, bustled in and posed a bit so the outfit could be captured for posterity. (Terribly important.) I often forget to take fashion pictures so remembering to do so is rather exciting. You can see my post all about the fashion details on Retro Rack. TK

Since I do events at Borderlands pretty regularly, Jude (manager and all around super-star) didn’t bother to introduce me, I just introduced myself. And dove right into the Q&A. OK not right in…

First, Jude brought up a lovely tray of tea for me. They stock Assam pure leaf ‘specially for me. (Or I like to pretend that they do it for me.)

Which meant I was then chatting while drinking tea. (Much was remarked upon my coordinating pink with the Borderlands’ curtains.)

In case you hadn’t guessed my events are pretty casual and friendly. Generally, I answer a few questions (from myself) to start, things I know people want to hear, and then the audience starts asking. My readers are always a great group and lots of fun. And yes, I do talk about stuff in person that I can’t talk about online.

People line up to get stuff signed.

And I signed stuff.

And talked too much. Afterwards it was time for a few photo ops.

This is one of my favorites: An editor and her authors! That’s my developmental editor, Sue Brown-Moore, in the middle with me & Lea Kirk author of Prophecy.

{Coop de Book: Gail’s monthly read along for July is The Sumage Solution by G. L. Carriger.}


The Sumage Solution: San Andreas Shifters #1 by G. L. Carriger now in audio read by Kirt Graves
Contemporary m/m paranormal romance featuring a snarky mage and a gruff werewolf. Hella raunchy. Super dirty. Very very fun. Spin off of Marine Biology.

Can a gentle werewolf heal the heart of a smart-mouthed mage?


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Book News:

Quote of the Day:

“No two persons ever read the same book.”

~ Edmund Wilson

Questions about Gail’s Parasolverse? There’s a wiki for that!


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