Gail Gets Real About The Chirrup, Her Author Newsletter (Occasional FAQ)

My dear Gentle Reader, some of you may have noticed I’ve been (not so subtly) encouraging you to join my newsletter over the past few years.

Why, Miss Gail, all this fuss about a newsletter?

Because, frankly, I know you probably like your social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, blog feed, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterst) etc so much better.

I get it, I do. I have my preferred social media ways to get information myself.

Here’s my reasoning…

This has to do with the unreliability of various social media platforms. I’m not naming names but certain parties over the past 9 years have accidentally…

  • booted me
  • threatened me
  • accused me of plagiarizing from myself
  • shut down entirely for several hours or days
  • suffered from DNS attacks
  • refused to tell my fans I had a book out because a scammer claimed to have my book out 2 months early
  • throttled my reach out to fans who have already come to find me and then tried to charge me large sums of money to get them back

Look, the Chirrup is the only guaranteed way I have to reliably get info to you. Frankly, it’s the only guarantee you have the you are getting info from me.

If you want to know things about my new releases, cover art reveals, sneak peaks, gossip, upcoming projects, current writing, and events that not yet out online, that’s in the Chirrup.

I will never stop trying to get this info out to you on other channels, even if sometimes it’s weeks late. However, I do get fatigued and exhausted at times by the sheer volume of my social media requirements…

Amazon | BookBub | Twitter |Goodreads | Goodreads Group |Author Page on Facebook | Facebook Group | Instagram | Tumblr | Pinterest | YouTube | Retro Rack

I take breaks.

Break times I’m only promising you the newsletter. I allow myself to drop everything else.

I work hard to make sure the Chirrup is…

  1. infrequent
  2. not at all spammy
  3. light
  4. fun
  5. informative

I promise there is always some nugget of special information, or opportunity to win a box of swag, or secret insight into an upcoming story, often all three.

Alright, I hope I’ve enticed you to join up.

If that wasn’t good enough, here’s a peek at all the books I’ll be giving away via the Chirrup over the next year or so…

Not pictured are audiobook download codes, Bumbersnoot necklaces, swag boxes full of steampunk jewelry & costuming bits and so much more.

Righty, there you have it. Why you should join. What you get for joining. All the enticements.

Now, it’s my feeding time.

Yours as ever,

Miss Gail

{Coop de Book: Gail’s monthly read along for September is The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia McKillip.}


  • Meat Cute ~ A Parasolverse Short
    Status: Rough draft complete. Layaway.
    Possible anchor short story for Secret Project A or SS collected/omnibus in 2018 or 2019.
  • TOC ~ San Andreas Shifters #2
    Status: Writing Rough draft.
    The werewolves are back. There’s a bartender with a mysterious ability and a big scruffy man mountain with a powerful crush. The pack’s started a business called Heavy Lifting. Gail is contemplating shifter food trucks ~ Do it raw! Sometimes we wiggle, sometimes the food does.


The Sumage Solution: San Andreas Shifters #1 by G. L. Carriger, now in all editions.
Contemporary m/m paranormal romance featuring a snarky mage and a gruff werewolf. Hella raunchy. Super dirty. Very very fun. Spin off of Marine Biology.

Can a gentle werewolf heal the heart of a smart-mouthed mage?

Women Write About Comics says:

“Well folks, it’s happened. Gail Carriger wandered away from the Parasolverse, and the results are fantastic.”


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

1900s via l’ancienne cour tumblr

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Microphone Tribble

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Fashions for August 1852 (Finishing School time period)

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .  

Did This Book Buy Its Way Onto The New York Times Bestseller List?

Book News:

Just Love says of Romancing the Inventor:

“Longtime readers will of course appreciate when favourite characters make an appearance – the humanisation (so to speak) of a minor recurring ‘love to hate him’ character was certainly a surprise, and as a fan of outsider POV getting to see them through new eyes is always a treat. But this is great jumping on point to start reading, and would definitely recommend this as a gateway to the rest of the Parasolverse!”

Quote of the Day:

“I cannot raise one eyebrow. So I have my characters do it a lot. I have this living vicariously through my writing thing DOWN.”

~ Gail Carriger

Questions about Gail’s Parasolverse? There’s a wiki for that!

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2 Responses

  1. Desmond said:

    Dear Gail,
    Recently bought the Sumage Solution, and devoured it (pun intended). The characters were believable, sufficiently angsty, downright rowdy: (but what do you expect from werewolves). My only minor criticism (and by no means is it a criticism of your writing); I’ve read quite a few M/M fictions, but I did find the, ummm, overly-described(?)-[that’s the only phrase I can think of], M/M sex a little distracting from the main story. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a 53 year-old heterosexual male and I ADORE your Victorian novels, and M/M sex doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but I felt that the ‘ramapant sex’ was just a tad too much, and not enough devoted to the ‘main story’. I’m waiting for the fun to happen when the pack find all the things that the father ‘left behind’ and the fun and games that are going to descend on them [evil grin]. Keep up the blood sweat and tears, you are a damn good writer… I give the Sumage Solution a solid 4 out of 5 (wheras your Parasol Protectorate books are a rock solid 5/5, which i use as one of my many many comfort reads). I appreciate you branching out into other genres: a writer MUST constantly evolve and grow, and you are well down that path.
    I take it you are now a full-time author and no longer associated with your archaeology profession, or do you still do bibs and bobs to keep your hand in?

    1. Gail Carriger said:

      Ha! It’s basically expected of (most) of the genre. And it’s the reason I wrote it under a different name. I actually wanted to try my hand (so to speak) at more explicit sex scenes. So this was me challenging myself. I’ve always been wary of the nookie.

      Archaeology? Well I left it officially in late 2012 (i think it was). I still get calls occasionally for consults, but mostly it doesn’t fit in with my travel schedule. I don’t teach anymore. But it’s nice to know I am still on people’s radars.

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