The Range of Cover Art: Gail Carriger’s Blameless

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Today I thought it might be fun for you to see the range of cover art that my book Blameless got over the course of time and space and 7 years in publication.

Here we go…


First off is the original mass market paperback as produced September 19, 2010. Next to it I have the Brazilian version so you can see how a foreign publisher might tweak the cover for their market.


Here on left is the Japanese translation version, this is the smallest of my books. It’s about the size of a 3X5 card. Next to it is the manga adaptation of Blameless, called Soulless Vol. 3.


Here are the two German versions. The first was a limited run collectible hardcover, the second is the original paperback translation.

Aside from Germany (and the pocket edition in France) and Japan, every other foreign publisher chose to do a take on the original cover image for their translations. This is pretty unusual and rather flattering.

The first three audiobooks were produced by Recorded Books (not Hachette Audio) so they got different covers too.

There it is. What do you think of the different covers? Anything surprise you? Any one you really love?

 Praise for Blameless

  • Cassandra Giovanni says: “Carriger once again has woven a story with non-stop action, her signature dry humor and a touch of romance, all perfectly balanced.”
  • Once Upon a Chapter says: “I really enjoyed the change in scenery since Alexia’s adventures took her all over the place this time and it added in new characters.”
  • My Thoughts… Literally says: “Another fantastic book in the Parasol Protectorate series. They are so fun and the perfect combination of action, adventure, mystery, and silliness.”
  • Delighted Readers says: “I went into this one wrongly assuming there would be a vast degree of angst when to my pleasure, the focus remained on intrigue, adventures, colorful characters, witty dialogue and fascinating steampunk gadgetry not in the usual way.”

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Book News:

Rally the Readers says of Romancing the Inventor:

“I can’t emphasize enough that you can pick up this novella and enjoy it whether you’re completely new to the world or have read any number of other works set in it. If you loved the original Parasol Protectorate series like I did and always wondered what happened to Madame Lefoux, then definitely read Romancing the Inventor to find out; you won’t be disappointed!”

Quote of the Day:

 “I was born with a reading list I will never finish.”

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