The Range of Cover Art: Gail Carriger’s Soulless

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Today I thought it might be fun for you to see the range of cover art that my first book, Soulless, got over the course of time and space and over a decade in publication.

You ready for this?


Soulless Gail Carriger Hardcover Illustrated

First off is the original mass market paperback as produced in 2009. Next to it I have the updated trade paperback size version from 2015. The mass market size is now discontinued and you can only buy Soulless new in trade paperback.


Here on left is the Japanese translation version, this is the smallest of my books. It’s about the size of a 3X5 card. Next to it is the Manga adaptation of Soulless.


Here’s the Soulless hardcover limited edition of the book, out of print but I still have some stock and give them away on the Chirrup occasionally. And the SFBC’s hardcover omnibus version which combines all three of the first Parasol Protectorate books.


Here are the two German versions. The first was a limited run collectible hardcover, the second is the original paperback translation. Oddly, you can also get the German editions for kindle in the USA.

Aside from Germany (and the pocket edition in France) and Japan, every other foreign publisher chose to do a take on the original cover image for their translations. This is pretty unusual and rather flattering.

The first three audiobooks were produced by Recorded Books (not Hachette Audio) so they got different covers too.

There it is. What do you think of the different covers? Anything surprise you? Any one you really love?

Praise for The Parasol Protectorate

“It’s really just spiffingly good, I promise you.”

The Unbookreport says of the series:

“Adventure, drama, and intrigue are rarely so much fun, and much of that is due to Alexia’s practical yet mannered outlook on events. Ms Carriger went straight onto my “favorite author” list with that first book, and every book since has just confirmed that place in my heart.”

Andie Welsh says:

“There is even a bit in the end where I sincerely believed Miss Carriger was going to deny us a happy ending after all because as an author she writes raw human emotion so vibrantly that you live it yourself.”

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6 Responses

  1. Rhiannon Lynn said:

    Question – why did the German publication call “Soulless”, well, “Glowing Darkness”? (That’s the translation of the title). It sounds odd.

      1. Rhiannon Lynn said:

        Great, thanks!
        One little question – are there new vampires after Saturation…or shouldn’t I ask? 😉

  2. Valeria said:

    As a solid fan of the Parasol series I’ve been wanting to get a hardcover edition. The pocket ones only survive a year or so if I don’t drop them in the tub or get assaulted by one of the cats.
    Also I’ve got a mental version of a cover that could result in three different versions depending on what one likes best to have. Wish I had Adobe Illustrator to work on it for fan.

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