This Weekend: Romancing the Werewolf is Alive (Supernatural Society)

Sunday, Gentle Reader, Romancing the Werewolf – A Supernatural Society Novella by Gail Carriger (me!) will be available for download in digital form!

Gay reunion romance featuring your favorite reluctant werewolf dandy, the return of a certain quietly efficient Beta, and some unexpected holiday gifts.

For those of you who do not like to preorder, Sunday November 5, 2017 this book will be available to buy and read immediately. I have it distributed digitally to as many platforms as I possible.

Amazon | B&N | Kobo | Apple | Direct

And it’s only $3.99!

I’m hoping that will cut down on pirating.

Reviews are always greatly appreciated, if you feel so inclined. Why? Because they really are a tremendous boost to a book’s lifespan, reach, and (for self-pub) general acceptability in the eyes of the world.

All that said, this book is really for you. My ultimate fan service. I don’t know if someone unfamiliar with the Parasolverse would even get aspects of Romancing the Werewolf. The story will be accessible to everyone but the rest…?

I shall pass it along to a few of the mm reviewers who enjoyed The Sumage Solution but are not familiar with the Parasolverse. We shall see what they make of it. I’m wildly curious. I honestly have no idea what a reader new to my universe will take away from Romancing the Werewolf.

It’s going to be an interesting November.

What’s next?

On Sunday, while the ebook launches I will be doing battle to upload the print edition. There will be a lag while it’s approved through the distributors, and then I must snail mail myself a proof copy to check and make certain it’s printing correctly. After that it will be released into your hot little hands. See why there is a delay?

The size and style of this book will match the other two novellas (Romancing the Inventor and Poison or Protect) and I included The Curious Case of the Werewolf that Wasn’t short story at the back as a bonus for your patience (and for those who have been waiting to collect it in print outside of an anthology).

Print could take a week, but more likely two. The second it is available I will send out a special announcement to the Chirrup, so keep an eye to your inboxes.

Audio is in production but that takes as long as it takes. There is nothing I can do at this juncture, it is in Producer Bryan’s hands and the voice actor, Peter, has begun the slog.

Meanwhile, I hope you are content with the digital edition. I’m sincerely grateful for your patience with me as I continue to explore the odd ramifications of my hybrid author life.

Please enjoy Lyall’s homecoming, Biffy’s curtains, the questionable presence of wassail (I expect recipes to be shared on the Parasol Protectorate Group) and so much more silliness.

Yours in launch madness,

Miss Gail

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Coop de Book: Gail’s monthly read along for November is Romancing the Werewolf.


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13 Responses

  1. Rhiannon Lynn said:

    Curtains ARE dreadfully important. I agree, as I have none myself (muahahaha!).

  2. Rhiannon Lynn said:

    Ooh, and when this delight is available , is it at specific time (ie. 00:01) on Sunday, or just Sunday, in a vaguely hopefully manner? (Because it’s after full moon and we know what can happen…..)

    1. Gail Carriger said:

      It seems to be midnight your time zone, depending on your distributor. So, for example, Australia gets it “first.” At least with Amazon, I can’t monitor the others that closely so I don’t really know. Sometimes I get preorders from Amazon a little early, like 9pm the day before, which makes me think it’s dropping midnight in the USA on the Author’s home time schedule (9pm would be midnight East Coast). But I’m not sure.

  3. Rhiannon Lynn said:

    Great, thanks! i might stay up all night, then! (I’m in England.)

  4. MadameDoVary said:

    Yeah! woke up this morning thinking ” just one more day”. I’m in France, so far US books were available at midnight, so yep ^^, we should have it a bit sooner on amazon. I will probably stay up too, drinking tea…

  5. Rhiannon Lynn said:

    Wonderful! I got it at about 1am.. and sat up listening to Nightwish to stay awake enough. Completely worth it.

  6. Ann Brookens said:

    My dear Gail, thanks to you, I have purchased FIVE e-books in the past 10 days! Three Pierce, Amelia, and Werewolf!
    By the way, I was baffled when I received my RtW pre-order yesterday but Amazon wouldn’t accept my review until after midnight. Ah. Release dates. Pre-orders do allow you to read it sooner!

    1. Gail Carriger said:

      This is great information, actually. I had no idea they delivered the book but then pretended they hadn’t when it came to reviews! I very much appreciate that you were patient and made the review, so kind!

  7. Roz said:

    As the fan at SDCC who asked a question about another wolf, thank you for the answer!

      1. Roz said:

        It was a pleasant surprise to see the name.

        Might there ever be more about that wolf and his new adventures?

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