2017 In Retrospect: What Gail Did, Where She Went, Did You Catch The Elusive Authorbeast?

Well my darling Gentle Reader, it’s a new year and that means I get all nostalgic and introspective (and purgy and clean like a mad woman). So here are some of my thoughts on 2017, and where I might be headed in 2018.

Where did Gail Go in 2017?

Here are some of the places I traveled to last year for events.

1. Confusion, Detroit

A small con in mid winter in Detroit doesn’t seem like a big draw but it was such a blast. I met the James SA Corey boys (and played a prank on them) and hung out with a number of old friends and made a few new ones. Confusion is small industry-heavy convention, highly recommended if you are in the area.

Great networking opportunity for authors plus star packed panels for fans. If I lived closer, and the risk of being stranded during air travel at this time of year weren’t so high, I would return regularly.

2. Steamposium, Anchorage

Fun tiny tiny convention, plus I visited glaciers and all sorts of other outdoors type madness. The cosplay was off the chart for such a small event.

3. BayCon, San Jose

BayCon used to be my regular con in my days as a fan girl. I don’t make it often anymore because that particular weekend is so convention heavy. Next year, for example they host my favorite author of ALL TIME, Tamora Pierce, however I’m likely going to Phoenix Comic Con because… that weekend.

Ty & Dan turned up again (plus I ran into them at SDCC), so this was the year of James SA Corey, for me.

4. Steampunk World’s Fair, New Jersey

This was my second time at this event and I had another fun weekend. World’s Fair is probably the largest Steampunk Convention in continual operation. I enjoy it so much and I feel like I have a lot of old friends there now.

I hope to make it back again in a few years. For me, the highlight was Ashley’s one woman show, Pass Fail. So good. I still think about it.

5. San Diego Comic Con International

This was my second official time at SDCC (I did a flash visit of 20 minutes last year). I had an OK time, it’s a rough haul on those of us who don’t handle crowds well. I self-medicated with a lot of ice cream. Once or twice a decade is about what I can handle with SDCC.

Still, I do like the option to dress up.

My highlight was whipping Sam Syke’s arse at Paul Cornell’s silly author-panel game.

It’s small goals, darling, that make life worth living.

6. Denmark, Fantasy Book Faire

A small event in a beautiful setting. I met my Danish translator and ate way too much delicious food.

7. Local Stuff, San Francisco Bay Area

I did some local events: a book group here, a library there, some visits to Borderlands. Good old Borderlands also hosted my book launch for The Sumage Solution.

How I love my darling Borderlands. Let me count the ways?

  • Their sponsor program helped me find my lovely assistant.
  • They are the only place readers can consistently buy my books, signed.
  • They support my indie efforts, Romancing the Inventor even made their bestseller list.
  • Their sponsor-only events are a blast.
  • They are a home away from home when shopping in the Mission.

Borderlands will be moving, and as a result SURVIVING, next year.

I look forward to their new location on Haight Street (my high school stomping grounds). I did a lot of shopping on that street in my youth. I look forward to reacquainting myself with the area.

How do I feel about my 2017 events?



Because that was it, that was the sum total of the in person events I did this year.

As opposed to 12 + a book tour. (Which is what I’ve done in previous years. Madness.)

You know what?

I feel great. Refreshed and good. Not threadbare and burned out like I have done at the end of previous years. I also get the sense that in-person events are shifting and fading, less well attended and less urgent than they were at the start of my career.

And, you know what, that’s fine.

Why? Because…

Facebook Lives

So yeah, this is where I am going with all this… virtual Gail is in your house!

I will keep up with the Facebook Lives (and companion YouTube videos) as you really seem to like them. I feel like I can reach so many more people than hauling my exhausted self all over the place.

I’m sorry if you’re opposed to Facebook, or otherwise struggle with this method of communication. But, frankly, it is so much easier and more relaxing for me, and more importantly it eats up so much less of my writing time.

And you want me to write more, right?

Speaking of which…

Writing Retreats

I did two writing retreats last year. A one weeker and a two weeker. I managed to finish a book, and write you How to Marry a Werewolf plus a super cute short story.

I find writing retreats work really well for me, especially if I have good synergy with the other authors. So I have 4 planned for 2018, 2 shorter long weekend ones, and 2 week long ones.

I hope they will be very productive, for all our sakes.


I taught an all day workshop and also gave a 2 hour lecture in 2017. I forgot how much I enjoyed teaching to an eager audience on a subject I adore.

By Sarah Coldheart (@sarahcoldheart)

I’m trying to get back into it, partly to give back to my fellow writers. Now I’m 10 years into being a professional author I feel like I have something to say that might actually help others.

To that end, I learned how to use Keynote and really love the program. Right now I have three decks going and I hope to do more.

I also started up a Travel podcast, 20 Minute Delay, with my friend Piper, talking about all the things I learned about traveling, doing it as much as I do.

The Future!

So 2018 looks like fewer, mostly bigger, events (to maximize travel versus number of people likely to show up ratios). No international travel (I’ve a big one in 2019). No book tour. Lots of writing retreats and Facebook Lives.

Of course, everything will be announced via the Chirrup, on the Events section of my website, and of course here in the blog.

Hoping to see many of you in 2018, in one form or another.

Woman by pond, ca. 1906-12. Autochrome (early color photograph) by the Lumiere brothers. source

Do you want more event announcements? New stuff goes to my Chirrup members first, because I love them bestest. Sign up here.

Coop de Book: Gail’s monthly read along for January is Angels Blood (Guild Hunter Book 1) by Nalini Singh.


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