10 Best Author Decisions Made in 2017 from Gail Carriger, Business Stuff (Important for Writers)

Here are the 10 things I did in 2017 that I feel best helped my career as a professional author…

1. Learned Keynote

When I was teaching (almost a decade ago, now) I used Powerpoint. But let us be clear, it wasn’t easy. It was a bit of a slog. So when faced with the prospect of teaching once more, and putting together a presentation for which I required visuals, I was nervous.

Because the AB uses Keynote, I decided to try that (as then I would have a ready assistant.)

It was GREAT. So intuitive. AB got me get started, which took about 10 minutes. All told I had about 20 minutes worth of questions but otherwise I figured it all out on my own.

I adore this program.

Partly because of this, I’m putting together several more presentations. I’ve been wanting, for a while now, to figure out how to give back to my fellow authors. Presentations seems like the best way and with Keynote I can do them beautifully.

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I might even write some non-fiction at some point.

2. Joined Mastermind Groups

I’ve been looking to belong to a group of fellow authors online, so I am not so dependent on conventions for my water cooler moments. Turns out, I really needed more than one group. With RWA forums thrown into the mix, I finally feel like I finally have a great support network. I also feel like I can be helpful and useful to others.

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3. Did Multiple Facebook Lives

Possibly the single best thing I did for my own sanity and for outreach to you, my lovely readership, was Facebook Lives (and putting those on YouTube).

I reach so many people without the wear and tear of travel. Now, whenever I have some kind of event locally, I try to also drop a Live video.

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4. Focused On My Newsletter

I’ve had the Chirrup (my newsletter) for a while but 2017 was the year I really started to weigh it above all others.

  • I worked hard to fine tune what worked and what didn’t to entertain my readers.
  • I tried to determine when it should go out and how frequently.
  • I assessed what people wanted and how to deliver it best without irritation.
  • And figured out how to use it for giving away books, goodie boxes, and swag.

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5. Learned Where My True Fans Are

I made a concerted effort to discover where my readers lurked online. In other words, where should I spend the bulk of my social media time, so as to free up more wiriting hours?

This is how I learned that a core group of Carriger-ites were secretly lurking on Tumblr and that the Parasol Protectorate Facebook Group loves polls and questions.

6. Developed My Copywriting Skills

After reading Brian Meeks book on Amazon ads, I started experimenting with AMS. It’s not been awesome for me, my stuff is just too niche, but it sure has helped me to write better cover copy and develop side skills. Turns out I find marketing blurbs utterly fascinating.

7. Published Audiobooks

Technically speaking my first self-published audiobook was at the very end of 2016, but it didn’t really start to kick in until 2017. It’s a fascinating area of the publishing industry and I am really enjoying being part of it. I like that it is still feels like a new frontier. Unfortunately the process of uploading is not unlike a game of Oregon Trail.

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8. Established A New Pen Name

I published my first book under G.L. Carriger this year. I’m listing it here as an achievement, because I really feel it was a bug decision to alter my name for this series. Emotionally, as a writer, I feel more expanded. Like I have more possibilities because the pen name allows me to explore areas I didn’t feel the Gail Carriger name could.

This is Why a New York Times Bestselling Author Changed Her Pen Name to G. L. Carriger: On Pseudonyms, Cover Art & Reader Betrayal (Important for Writers)

This may have just been a mental block on my part, but the very act of knowing I have another name to write under just makes me feel limitless.

9. Revamped My Social Media Behavior

In 2017 I tried to set things up so that going forward I waste as little time as possible on social media. I cleaned up my feeds so they weren’t as noisy, deleting content and unfollowing ruthlessly.

I reexamined how I used and interacted on my Facebook Page, The Parasol Protectorate Facebook GroupTwitter, Pinterest, InstagramTumblr, and this blog. I’m now focused on quality over quantity and have established updating protocols for Amazon & BookBub & Goodreads.

10. Wrote Books

I would remiss if I didn’t include actually writing more books as one of the 10 best things I did for my author career in 2017. It serves me well to be reminded, and remind others, that what’s best for a writer is always…

to write more.

Speaking of…

Yours forever,

Miss Gail

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Coop de Book: Gail’s monthly read along for January 2017 is Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh.


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Artemis Ganartist Final ask for @glitterthegaywitch, who was sitting across from me reading Romancing the Inventor on my kindle while I was drawing the previous asks a few nights ago. She wanted Madame Lefoux and Imogene

The Lit Bitch says of Romancing the Inventor:

“Overall this was a romantic, sweet story that made me excited about new characters (Imogene) and fall in love all over again with old characters …”

Orange Octopus Book Review says:

“Imogene, the main character of the story is lovely. She’s strong willed, a romantic, and optimistic.”

Keep Calm with Books and Coffees says:

“I had a lot of fun reading it and enjoyed Imogene as a character very much. Though she wasn’t as confident as some of Carriger’s other lead characters, she was feisty and fought back as best she could in her situation.”

The Hedgehog Librarian says:

“Newer readers will notice the allusions to other characters and stories but these do not distract overall. Overall, this is a charming addition to the canon.”

Quote of the Day:

“Take some books and read; that’s an immense help; and books are always good company if you have the right sort.”

~ Louisa May Alcott

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