Gail’s 10 Favorite Discoveries of 2017: Books, Authors, TV, & More (Miss Carriger Recommends)

Here are the 10 things that came into my life in 2017 that I am so very grateful to have found.

1. The Lightning Struck Heart

The Lightning Struck Heart by T.J. Klune was probably my favorite read of 2017. It’s so rare for me to find a book that makes me laugh the way this one did. Highly recommended.

Why haven’t you read this book? What’s stopping you? Ignore the cover. Ignore the blurb. Trust your Gail.


2. Killjoys

I just adored the first three seasons of Killjoys and I can not wait for the rest of it. It has been a hellish long time since I found a TV space opera to steal my heart. So glad it was renewed. Bring it, Canada!

Just stick the flipping landing, okay Canada? (I have faith in you because of LFN, but I’m still nervous.)

3. Reading Glasses Podcast

A podcast by readers for readers. I love hearing what these ladies have to say about books from a reader perspective, even when I don’t agree with them. Especially then.

I forget what is intuitive to authors is not always known by readers, even avid ones. This helps remind me.

4. Wireless EarBuds

I went with the Airpods, because for once in my life I early adopted. I don’t regret it because I practically live in the things. But when these die, or I lose one, my plan is to go for the Bose instead.

These seem to solve all the problems I have with the Airpods.

5. Great British Baking Show

OK, so, I have been watching GBBO for years but that wasn’t exactly allowed in the US when I started. Finally, it’s officially here under an altered name (and weirdly out of order and sporadically seasonal), but just as scrummy and full of soggy bottoms.

Bonus, I got the AB on board. The party has gained two pastry scrapers as a result. AB has BREAD PLANS for 2018.

6. Mary Calmes

Not quite sure when I discovered this author, but 2017 was my year for desperately trying to escape reality and Calmes’s backlist helped the most.

Not quite sure why I love her slightly quirky style of writing mm romance so much, but I do. I’ve basically now read everything of hers and she’s an autobuy for me.

7. The Upgrade Podcast

I was crushed when Lifehacker shut down it’s old podcast, years ago. Somehow I missed that they had a new one. I discovered it at the end of 2017 and quickly back-listened to all the topics that interest me.

I like the format of the recording, although I’m not always down with the interview, I always enjoy what the hosts have to say. A new favorite.

8. Keynote

Learning this program was mind bending. I now approach how I gather and process most of my behind the scenes author business information. I’m coming up with new and exciting things to teach, and I frankly can’t stop using it.

It’s taught me so much, the very least of it being presentations but also bring on the non-fiction!

9. Overcast

I switched how I listened to podcasts and have never looked back. My favorite is the sharing feature, you can even share on a time stamp (of course only with other Overcast users). I mainly share with myself as a means of bookmarking info.

I consume all my news and most of my writing business and audio entertainment via podcasts. I’ve never been a music person. I’m not wild about reading non-fiction, although I love listening to it (vice versa for fiction) so podcasts are my jam whenever I’m not reading or writing.

Overcast is my favorite handler so far (I’ve used Apple’s native app and then Downcast for a while). You don’t have to take my word for it. I really loathe the ads though, and wish there was a non-subscription way to avoid them. I may have to switch again because they are annoying intrusive, and kinda dangerous when driving.

10. My Own Podcast!

Speaking of podcasts, I would remiss if I didn’t not talk about how much I am loving doing one of my own: 20 Minute Delay. I think Piper and I have great chemistry and a lot of interesting things to say about travelling in the modern world.

Lots more to come and we are finally on iTunes!

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Coop de Book: Gail’s monthly read along for January 2017 is Angels’ Blood by Nalini Singh.


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  1. Angelica R. Jackson said:

    My (trans) niece got me copies of Dreadnought and Sovereign by April Daniels for Christmas and I’m nearly finished with the first one. Great book! Teen dealing with being the recipient of a superhero’s powers, while also transitioning, in a world of supers. Very funny and real

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