The First Book That Made Me… (Miss Carriger Recommends)

This meme came up on Tumblr recently, Gentle Reader. I thought it was fun, so I decided to play along.

First book that made me cry:

Watership Down. I still haven’t forgiven it.

First book that was spoiled for me:

Most everything.

I like spoilers and actively seek them out, always have. I am the girl that picks up the book and flips to the end to ensure it ends happily. Blame Watership Down.

First book I fell in love with:

Molly Moves Out. To this day my mother is troubled by my love for this book.

First time I couldn’t stop smiling because of a book or character:

Probably a Brambly Hedge book.

First person who really impacted my reading:

Aside from various librarians? The BFF Phrannish.

Since then I have developed rather complex taste curator relationships with various internet bloggers, more complex on my end than theirs. As they likely have no idea I exist.

First book hangover:

The Song of the Lioness series. After the last book came out, I did nothing but reread the series for about six months and refused to read anything else in an attempt to deal with the loss. I have had this happen before, but never as badly as this first time.

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1909 Max Pechstein. (German artist, 1881-1955) Girl in Red with a Parasol

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1895 Very Silly flower hat for Ivy

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Harpers Bazaar New York Sat June 13 1891

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