Going Deep on Books Sizes: Trade Paperback, Hardcover, B-format! Why do Competence & Reticence Have 2 Covers?

Competence and Reticence each have two difference overs, Gentle Reader. TWO! 2! TOOOOOOOOoooooooooo.

Competence Covers

Left is the UK trade paperback edition, right is the USA hardcover edition

Print Editions?

You can call or visit your favorite local bookstore! Ask them to “Order it from Ingram.

Borderlands offers signed editions of the USA Hardcover. They will ship worldwide. Use the SIGNED button under the book’s image on my website: Competence & Reticence

Why 2 covers for Competence & Reticence?

Because I am publishing the final Custard Protocol books to the UK and other non-North American territories myself.

I know, I’m scared too.

If you’re overseas and were able to get any of my novellas, then you should be able to get these books.

I promise I will do my absolute best for you. I could not be working harder to make sure these books get to as many of you as possible!

How will it work?

Did you get the print edition of Prudence and Imprudence in hardcover?

This is the hard cover size!

If you got the first 2 in hardcover, then you have been getting the USA edition of this book. You will continue to do so.


Your cover will look like this:

Do you live outside the USA and get the B-format trade size book at release date?

These books are the SAME SIZE as my novellas! Is that what you have been getting?

Then you’ll be getting the UK cover in the same format and size and it will look like this:

Everything should hopefully match up as much as possible to the two you already own. Yes, including the spine design and everything. Do not doubt the magic that is Starla (my cover art designer).

You should notice almost no differences. Do not worry about it matching to the other books in the series.

It will match.

I don’t leave the house without my hat, purse, gloves, and shoes matching. Like I would less diligent about my books!

Are you outside the USA/Canada and able to get the novellas?

Then you’ll be able to get this book.

Once more with feeling!

The three standard sizes my books come in: UK B-Fromat, USA trade paperback, USA hardcover.

Here’s the bit in the Live from February where I explain the different book sizes:

I explain a lot on the different cover sizes. I go into a bit of a show and tell using Imprudence as a model (backwards because I’m using my phone’s flip camera) but you get the idea. At Time Stamp 39:00.

But Miss Gail, I like them both & want to own both!

You’re a darling and I love you!

Generally speaking (aside from second party sellers and illicit means) USA readers shouldn’t be able to get the UK edition, and visa versa. (Gail cocks an eyebrow at you thoughtfully.)

But you know, interesting things happen to the Chirrup members… just saying.

How about beneath the cover?

The text of the book itself is NO DIFFERENT between the two editions.

With one exception, as has always been the case:

The USA books use the word “ladybug” and the UK book use the word “ladybird.”

See this blog post on the subject of anglicization.

Now it’s your turn! VOTE!

Which Competence cover do you prefer?

Who care about covers, where’s the audiobook?

  • This split in distribution drastically impacts the audiobook.
  • In the USA it should release as normal.
  • In the UK and beyond it isn’t available.
    • I am trying to negotiate a deal to have Moira’s narration of this book distributed to you. It’s NOT going well. Write to my publisher and ask them for it. No really, try. Hachette Audio. The stonewalling is their end.
    • To do this myself I would have to rerecord with a different reader. Then you’ll complain that it’s a different reader.
    • It costs thousands of dollars to make an audiobook, and I don’t have the funds right now.
    • Finally, the distribution mechanism isn’t in place. Audible doesn’t offer the option of ONLY distributing overseas, yet I’m contractually obliged to do that.
    • In other words: Right now, convincing my US audio publisher to strike an overseas distribution deal is your best option.

Your Salvation?

Borderlands assures me they can mail out the CD.
It would be $30 + shipping.
If this solution works for you, please email them requesting it via the SIGNED button on Competence’s page, make sure to specify “AUDIOBOOK CD”.

Other audiobook issues? Here’s your blog post. Many of the same reasons apply.

I’ll let the Chirrup know if anything changes from normal.


Miss Gail

As always, you don’t have to take my word for it…

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Several of these sheets when taken from the moulds are laid one upon another, with a piece of felt placed between each; and after being twice pressed are hung up to dry.
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The size is made of clean parchment and vellum shavings: the size is trained through fin cloth, which is strewed with powdered white vitriol and alum; the paper is dipped in this, and, after being pressed a third time, it is separated sheet by sheet to dry, and then made up into quires and reams.

~ Mangnall’s Questions, 1830

You know that scene in Mansfield Park where Fanny’s poor mother says, “Fanny, all that paper!” Now we see why, it was a laborious process and an expensive product!

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7 Responses

  1. Rhiannon Lynn said:

    I really like the USA cover more, myself – it looks more like Prim is ready for an adventure and has dressed prepared to run about if necessary. 🙂

  2. Alicia C said:

    I personally love both. US cover shows Prime ready to explore. UK’s shows Prime in snarling a certain shifter. *wiggles eyebrows*

  3. anne said:

    I have voted for the UK cover (which in the one I should get by the way), but it has been a hard choice. on the US cover Prim looks ingenuous whereas on the UK cover she looks a little haughty. Concerning, her dress, the colour is a little excentric (it reminds me of her mother) on the US cover, whereas it is more practical for travel and modern (why short sleeves?) on the UK cover.

  4. Nadine said:

    Hard choice. I agree with Anne. I loved the sexy, saucy outfit & pose on the UK cover, but the (haughty) express on the model’s face reminds me of Monique. I like the warmth and sweetness on the model’s face for the US cover – more in keeping with the Prim I’ve grown to love! So although I like the UK cover best overall, I’m still choosing the US cover. 🙂

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