Dear Lord Akeldama: Choosing a Lover & Raising Teen Girls

Please welcome the gentleman vampire back to my blog this week, Gentle Reader.

Header Dear Lord Akeldama ~ Choosing a Lover & Raising Teen Girls

As always Lord Akeldama may not give you the answer you wish, he always gives the question the answer it deserves.

(If you asked him a question and do not see the answer, it is always possible he has answered it before.)

Samantha asks: If I were to give a vampire tea, what tea would be most appropriate and enjoyable for my guests?

Beautiful, young nubile individuals with those lovely blue veins very close to the surface. And bodybuilder athletic types. Those arms, you know my dearest morning glory?

Oh tea? No no no, water is much better. Perhaps some juice. Keep the hydration and blood sugar levels up. Tea is for friends, juice is for pets.


Book asks: How high a heel can a man wear in daytime vs nighttime ?

Is this a trick question, snugglepuss?

Jami asks: How can one be fashionable while suffering from a terrible headache? The movies suggest this is possible so I thought you’d know if it was or a deceitful fiction.

Velvet couches, cooling cloths and those slippers with the feathers over the toe. Oh and those filmy kimono robes with more feathers on the sleeves.

I remind you, dearest petunia bud, that ladies of quality do not suffer they languish.

Nightgown 1815-1822 The Victoria & Albert Museum

Caiti asks: What IS the proper way to pronounce your name?

Ak – elle – dah – ma

Anne-Laure asks: Any advice for Ladies who are not in a relationship and want to meet new people (maybe their own Lord Macon) but are not ready for spending time and money on dating online, or having a false interest in sports.

There is no better social engagement than dancing. And you know, my dearest waltzing petal, a man who can dance has… rhythm.

Glan asks: You have experience raising a daughter. What advice do you have for a single father of twin girls about to enter their teen years?

Have a ready supply of chocolate and handkerchiefs on your person at all times. Be fair and firm and fashionable. If you do not want them to like it, like it yourself with vigor.

Susan asks: BTW please ask Lord A what are his favourite ladies’ designers? Also if he prefers Freddie Mercury or Adam Ant?

I have a soft spot for Worth, of course. And there is so much nostalgia for me wrapped up in the designs of Madame Vionnet. Pun intended, my grecian goddess.

Freddie Mercury of course, the name alone is superior.


Miss Gail

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