Illustrating Queer Characters Primrose & Tasherit by Ace Artemis

For Pride Month I’ve been featuring Ace Artemis fan artist here in the blog. Ace has been drawing my my queer characters for a while now. I hope you enjoy seeing them illustrated as much as I do.

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My last installment features Primrose & Tasherit. Of course I had to feature them, as they take center stage in the next Custard Protocol book. I’m really hoping Ace will give me a “Primrose in Tassels” or “Tash in a Tail” after reading Competence.

Finger’s crossed.

(And yes, you have to read the book to learn what I mean.)

Primrose & Tasherit

Ace Artemis Fan Artist Merlion from Competence

I love this last one in particular, it’s so much fun to see Tash in different kinds of historical dress.

Can’t wait to see what you draw after Competence, Ace Artemis.

It is such an honor to have you drawing my words.

Miss Gail

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Meanwhile, Goodreads did a round-up titled “Catch Up Now: These Big Series All Have Books Coming Out in July.” COMPETENCE was one of their picks!


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Sky’s Scribblings says of Crudrat:

“I absolutely adored Maura – no matter how others thought of her and treated her or tried to fit her into a mold, she was always just herself and totally at ease with who she was.”

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5 Responses

  1. Rhiannon Lynn said:

    Interesting interpretation of the book descriptions – I’d personally have given Tasherit raven-black hair and stronger features (like unfair cheekbones) due to her heritage, but that’s just me.
    I have a leeetle question for you, Madame – post-Saturation (and in the modern day) is sundowner ammunition and weaponry still manufactured/used? By the CIA or NSA, perhaps?
    A point to ponder…

  2. Michael said:

    I guess it’s down to a certain obnoxious navigator to provide Queen Ivy a grandchild to spoil.

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