Competence Chapter Titles & Percy’s POV Will Make You Giggle

My darlings,

I sent this out already to the Chirrup but just to tempt you a bit, here are the very silly chapter titles from my forthcoming book, Competence.

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Gail Loves Chapter Titles

I always love writing chapters and titles. Like names, there are some of us authors relish coming up with such things. Others really really hate it. Anywhoo, I often use it as an excuse for a particularly bad pun.

What can I say? It’s my thing.

Competence Chapters

  1. A Lioness in a Hat and Other Concerns
  2. A Bad Case of the Dropsies
  3. A Merlion in a Mushroom
  4. The Premier Floating Philosophy Club
  5. A Grey Melancholy Danger
  6. In Which Thomas Aquinas is an Absolute Corker
  7. A Very Warm Welcome
  8. A Mystery, a Fez, and an Italian Mathematician
  9. Soup Ladle of Death
  10. Cats Can’t Be Trusted
  11. Our Lord and Saviour the Spotted Custard
  12. Rumours of Pishtacos
  13. On Hives, Haciendas and Hijinks
  14. The Etiquette of Proper Introductions
  15. Weddings and Their Consequences
  16. Homeward Bound

Of course my absolute favorite in chapter 9. It makes me soooooooo happy…

Soup Ladle of Death

Also, if you still aren’t tempted, in this book, you get….

Percy’s POV!

Percy & Footnote Fanart by Desiree Schwartz

Ever wonder how or why Percy comes up with those ridiculous non-sequiturs?

Want more of the Latin in his warped little brain?

Well in this book you get a peek into his head.

Okay, I’ll stop now.

Yours etc…

Miss Gail

P.S. In case you missed it, look what I got in my office recently!

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3 Responses

  1. Melanie Rodriguez said:

    I am loving Competence. I really love how much the characters make me laugh out loud with their comments and predicaments. I will definitely write reviews all over as soon as I finish.

    Thank you for all your wonderful books and characters. I can’t imagine my life without them!!!!

  2. Mabell Binx said:

    I can’t wait for Reticence! Thank you so much! I have to admit that Sophronia will always be my favourite, (when I read that first scene with the trifle I wanted to cry with glee) but Prim comes close…
    Whatever you do, I beg you to keep us informed about the happenings in the Parasolverse- how did Soap manage with being immortal? Did Dimity nab a sensible parliamentary husband? What happened to the Loontwills? Is Ivy Petunia’s daughter? So many questions!

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