What are the professionals saying? Competence Early Reviews (Spoiler Free)

Hello my dear Gentle Reader,

In case you needed further encouragement regarding my next book, Competence, early reviewers have been very kind.

“In this charming, laugh-out-loud steampunk escapade, set in an 1895 populated by a variety of supernatural creatures, the crew of the Spotted Custard return for a third adventure (after Imprudence).
The focus shifts to the British airship’s purser, Miss Primrose Tunstall, a straitlaced, proper young woman who finds her perceptions of self and propriety increasingly challenged by Tasherit, an immortal werelioness who persistently, and often nakedly, flirts with her. But romance, however unconventional, takes a backseat to adventure. Primrose and Tasherit must engineer a helium heist to save their ship, and then the Custard is dispatched to Peru to investigate rumors of a new breed of vampires.
While there’s a healthy dose of action in the form of airship pirates and other hazards of the open sky, the emphasis is on the character-driven, romantic comedy of manners at its heart. Carriger excels at wry humor and clever phrasing, and her ensemble cast is thoroughly charming and satisfyingly diverse. There’s a genuine sense of whimsy and fun running throughout this story, making it a treat for fans of the series.”
~ Publisher’s Weekly

“The focus of Carriger’s popular Custard Protocol series, including Prudence (2015), shifts from Captain Rue to her sensible, genteel best friend, Primrose Tunstell. Prim’s latest beau calls off their engagement, and, once again, she doesn’t seem to mind.

A plethora of diversions occupy her attention aboard the Spotted Custard, whose latest mission takes the airship and its quirky crew to Peru to rescue a breed of near-extinct vampires. Her scholarly twin brother, for example, is trying to reform their murderous prisoner through a philosophy book club. Not to mention Tasherit the werecat—who can shape-shift between a powerful lioness and a golden-legged, silk-robed woman—and who enjoys flustering Prim as her advances become harder to resist.

Carriger’s characteristically droll, voice-driven writing alternates between Prim, who certainly lives up to her name, and her socially obtuse brother. High jinks and peril abound as the Custard navigates uncharted air currents, and the characters bicker over everything from Thomas Aquinas to tasseled hats. Recommend this amusing romp to steampunk and LGBT+ readers looking for suspenseful and romantic fantasy.”

~ Booklist

Skye’s Scribblings says of Competence:

“A playful and witty adventure from Prim & Percy’s point of view that was a pure delight of a read and my favorite of the series so far!”

More from Skye on release day.

Honestly I thought Orbit wasn’t going to do ARCs for this book, it being the third in the series that isn’t tradition. Perhaps it’s because there was a bit of a break between this one and Imprudence? Or perhaps because of the switched POV?

Anyway, I’m delighted this third installment is being so very well received.

But the real proof is in how you, my dear Gentle Reader, feel about it.

Yours in anticipation,

Miss Gail

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All alone in Singapore, proper Miss Primrose Tunstell must steal helium to save her airship, the Spotted Custard, in a scheme involving a lovesick werecat and a fake fish tail.


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