10 Things I’m Embarrassed to Tell You from Gail Carriger

I was listening to a Podcast recently, Gentle Reader, and it inspired me!

So without further ado here’s some rather humiliating stuff for you nosy parkers out there…

1. Coffee Is Not That Bad

Okay, yes, I do drink coffee (as well a tea). And I’m just as snobbish about it as tea. My drink is a latte (I like whole milk) Italian roast ONLY. French need not apply. I devoutly believe if you need to put sugar in your coffee, it means you’ve never had good coffee.

2. My Uncanny Valley Runs Deep

I’m wigged-out by dolls, puppets, clowns, and monkeys. They all hit my uncanny valley and make my skin shiver.

3. Not Hangry But…

Being hungry doesn’t make me angry. Instead it makes me weepy. So if I burst into tears, offer me a Snickers.

4. War Paint

I schedule my Facebook Lives for days when I know I’m already wearing full makeup because I hate putting it on but I won’t appear in public without it. I am just that self conscious.

5. Dehydration Operation

I forget to drink water so I’m almost always dehydrated.

6. Typo Retcon

I’m humiliated by typos. Even with multiple beta readers and 2-3 expensive professionals, typos still sneak through and I hate it. But it’s even more expensive to fix in time and money after publication. So I have a logged record of them (reported to me) and hope to someday afford to reformat my books.

7. Financial Phobias

I have a weird relationship with money and surety. I grew up pretty poor, (in the uninsured category, as opposed to no roof and going hungry). I was happy and never wanting, but without any kind of fiscal safety net. I feel compelled, as a result, to be the safety net for myself and others.

8. Sweating the Small Stuff

I genuinely hate exercising. I don’t like to sweat, and I don’t get the endorphin rush, and it feels like a waste of time. I prefer social exercising, like hikes with friends, because I can chat at the same time, but still don’t like it.

9. The Winnah

I want to be good at things right away, and I’m competitive, so if I can’t dominate a new skill immediately I’m more likely to just give up. I do have a stubborn streak, so I will stick with it if I think I can get good at it, but I certainly have stopped trying when I don’t think I can do it (usually well before I should have stopped).

10. Orders

I’m bossy. Only child control freak syndrome. I’m also impatient, so I will step forward and make a decision for a group, even if it turns out to be the wrong one. I’d rather make a mistake than dawdle.

So there it is, some embarrassing things about me. I can’t believe I did it.


Yours as always,

Miss G

P.S. I Have a LIVE tomorrow. Come say hi.

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